We cannot deny that, at the present time, privacy is a fundamental aspect in the lives of all of us. We live in an age where everyone is constantly exposing themselves and revealing much more than they should all the time. In this sense, having the option of Send posts what disappear on FacebookMessengeris one of the many options we have to protect our privacy a little more.

When we enter the internet we have to deal with many different situations. Many of these constantly expose our privacy; from not using a VPN, signing in with a Gmail account, not deleting the browsing history and the conversations that are saved on social networks and instant messaging applications.

Luckily, Facebook Messenger has an option so that we can have “secret” conversations with our friends. These conversations will be automatically deleted once we decide to end it. It is a good idea to maintain our privacy and prevent third parties from reading our messages and those of the other person.

Send disappearing messages on Facebook Messenger

Open a conversation with a friend.

The first thing we will have to do is open a conversation with a person with whom we are friends. It is also necessary to use the mobile application from an iPhone or Android in order to use the Vanish mode.

Activate temporary messages that self-destruct.

In conversation view, we’ll swipe up from the top of the text box. We are going to see a small indicator that will help us to enter the Vanish mode.


Vanish mode turns everything into a “Dark Mode”. We will be able to have a conversation as we normally would.

Notification that they took a screenshot.

If the other person takes a screenshot while we’re in disappearing message mode, then we’ll get a notification.

How to Send Temporary or Disappearing Messages on Facebook Messenger

When we want everything to disappear, all we have to do is press “Deactivate disappearance mode”. We can also make the gesture of sliding up.

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Basically, that’s all you need to know about sending disappearing messages on Facebook Messenger. It is an excellent method to maintain a conversation with a person without leaving “evidence” of this. Although, clearly, it can lend itself to different types of unpleasant situations.

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