Set bedtime mode in Android 13 It can help us relax and rest at night so that we can maintain a correct schedule the next day. This tool reminds us when it’s time to go to bed and will allow us to save the phone at a prudent time to rest and start a new day.

Set bedtime mode in Android 13

The general process should be the same on all Android devices. However, we must consider that, depending on the manufacturer, model and version of the operating system, it may vary slightly.

How to use bedtime on Android.
  • We go to Settings> Digital well-being and parental controls> Bedtime mode.
  • Here we will have to activate the Do Not Disturb or Focus mode for bedtime and then press next.
  • We can choose to enable this mode automatically at certain times or within certain hours when we connect the phone to charge it.
  • To be able to configure a schedule, we will click on the start and end times, so we will adjust each one. Then we press on the days of the week where we want it to be enabled.
  • If what we want is that the Bedtime Mode starts when we connect the phone during the night. We will have to select the option Activate while charging. We can clarify a specific time range for this mode. For example, between 9 pm and 7 am so that it does not turn on if we put it on charge at noon, late, etc.
  • We’ll tap Done, then select Allow to enable additional sleep detection features, and that’s it.
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Customizing the bedtime mode

Although we already have the mode activated, there are still some things to do if we want to customize it. This part is totally optional.

To change the bedtime or activate it while charging, we will click on Bedtime routine. We’ll see another menu of options below this that says Customize. This is where we are going to find other interesting options and we can choose to activate or deactivate them.

  • Grayscale: The screen will change to black and white during bedtime mode.
  • Keep screen dark: Will turn off the always-on screen if enabled.
  • Dim wallpaper.
  • Dark theme: Switch to the dark theme of the mobile device.

We will also find some activation options available in the Clock app, the classic of all life:

We will have to go to the Clock application and press Bedtime> Start. We’re going to look at various alarm clock options, including alarm sounds, days it will go off, whether we want the sunrise alarm to fade in before the alarm, etc.

The next screen will show the scheduled bedtime start, with the option to set the 15 minute notification when this mode is about to start.

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