• Far from the times when multitasking was everything, today it is valued to focus on one thing
  • Google wants to help us avoid procrastination, and focus mode is designed to do just that.
  • How can you adapt this tool to your needs to make it more useful to you?

One of the top concerns technology manufacturers seem to have right now is our health. We are not entirely clear why, if it is a demand from the consumers themselves or if they are taking us towards a niche that is little exploited commercially, but the truth is that most announce news in this regard. We were recently talking about the latest watchOS update, but Google is not far behind and Focus Mode or Android 13 focus mode is one of its most interesting improvements for the latest version of its environment.

In principle, it must be said that Google presented this platform as one designed to promote well-being. They try to make us have healthier habits in our relationship with technology, avoiding distractions. Justly, As its name indicates, the idea is that we can focus on something specific. We could probably define it as a do not disturb mode something more elegant and specific.

In this article, we therefore intend to analyze what the Mountain View mobile operating system brings us and how to configure it to get the most out of it, knowing that it is a 100% customizable tool.

focus mode Android 13 2

Set focus mode on Android 13 (except Samsung)

Setting focus mode won’t take more than a minute, so well worth the investment of time. You will quickly begin to become more productive, and you will not be carried away by the temptations that distract us.

Remember that for this to be possible you have to have updated to Android 13. It will not help you to have Android 12.

  • Open your device’s Settings from the top of the screen, and tap the gear icon
  • Go to the Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls section (the name may change depending on the brand)
  • Select the focus mode, activating it because by default it is deactivated
  • Set which are the apps that distract you, to block them when the mode is activated
  • At the top of the screen you can determine focus mode activation and deactivation times
focus mode Android 13 3

Turn the mode on and off more easily

Later, we recommend that you add focus mode to home screen settingsSo:

  • Open your device’s Settings from the top of the screen, and tap the pencil icon
  • Once the edition of the tiles is open, move until you see the Focus Mode or focus mode
  • Hold down on that tile and drag it to the top area of ​​these
  • Drop it in the position that you find most comfortable for daily use
focus mode Android 13 5

After this procedure, you will be able to activate or deactivate the focus mode quickly, without going to the Settings.

Configure focus mode in Android 13 on Samsung

The previous tutorial is based on Pixel devices, which are the ones we use because they have pure Android. But we are aware that Samsung is still the manufacturer that sells the most, and that its equipment runs a customization layer such as One UI that has little to do with the stock version of Android on those devices.

Unlike the Pixels, The Samsung Galaxy have some similar features aimed at not procrastinating. Work Tempo is one of these features, although you can create others like Study Time or Family Time. Whenever you have doubts, we offer you this Samsung Galaxy features guide for you to use.

As we explained, it is impossible to detail a particular procedure, because it will depend on each user, of course.

How can you use focus mode and why?

As we said at the beginning, Android 13’s focus mode is designed to help you focus on the task at hand, whether it’s analog or digital, on your phone.. Regardless of that matter, we stop being so aware of the notifications that interrupt us.

The ultimate goal is to you do not have to be checking the mobile every five secondsleaving aside what is really urgent, which can cause you to finish your daily obligations too late.

And the best of all is that if you need to check notifications for a particular app, you can skip focus mode on it for five minutesenough to catch you up on the news.

At this time, in which addiction to technology is a serious health problem, this concern expressed by firms such as Apple or Google is really appreciated, allowing us to rest from the networks if we prefer.

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