In favor of Twitter Bluethe authentication in two factors based on SMS will become paid, so there will be no choice but to set up and wear the application that serves to authenticate our account and improve its level of security.

This is one of Elon Musk’s latest movements, where SMS 2FA will become paid and those who do not pay for this function will basically be left without it. This will force many users who are not willing to shell out their money to switch to another security method. Luckily, we have one that is even more secure.

Set up two-factor authentication on Twitter

Before continuing, it is important to be clear that we must log in from a Mac, Windows, iOS or Android device in order to follow this guide. The process will be the same on all platforms, although we are going to do it from a Windows desktop computer.

Twitter More.

After logging into the Twitter account, we will have to go to the “More” option found in the left sidebar. In the case of mobile device users, they will have to click on the Profile icon.

Twitter Settings and privacy.

After clicking on More, we will see a pop-up menu. Here we are going to expand Settings and support to be able to click on Settings and privacy.

Twitter Security.

Next, we are going to have to choose the option Security and access to the account, which will expand and we will see other options. Among these options, the one that interests us is the one that says Security.

Twitter two-factor authentication.

Here we are going to have to press on Two-Factor Authentication.

Twitter Use authenticator app.

We are going to choose the method that we want to use, obviously, we are going to choose Authentication application from the two available methods.

Twitter Write our account password.

After selecting the method, Twitter will ask us to re-enter our password for security purposes.

Twitter Start.

In the event that we have never activated any two-factor authentication method, Twitter will ask us to confirm our email address.

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Here we will have to enter the email address and click on Send code. We will receive a 6-digit code in the mail that we will have to enter in this window to confirm and continue with the process.

Using Google Authenticator

We recommend using Google Authenticator. Something that we must consider about this app is that it does not allow a backup copy of the code provided by the application. We are going to have to keep this special code very well because without it, we would lose access to any account that has the verification with the app.

Twitter Get Backup Code.

We will click on Get backup code on Twitter and we recommend saving it very carefully in a place where only we have access and it will not be lost.

Begin process for two-factor authentication of Twitter.

On the next screen we will have to click Start to start the two-factor authentication configuration process.

Scan Twitter QR code to link account.

After this, Twitter will generate a unique QR code for our account, which we will have to scan using, in this case, Google Authenticator.

If we have not already done so, we will have to install the Google Authenticator application on our device, either iOS either Androidand link the Twitter account by scanning the code.

How to use a third-party authentication app on Twitter

Google Authenticator has been available for Apple and Android devices for quite some time. The application is capable of working without the need to be connected to the internet and different accounts can be added to use two-factor authentication. The app is responsible for generating a new authentication code every 30 seconds to log in to the accounts that are linked to it.

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Something that we have to take into consideration is the fact that Google does not offer the possibility of making an online backup of the application. This means that if we lose the device where the app is installed or it is deleted by mistake, we will lose access to all linked accounts. If this happens, we will have to use the backup codes and set up 2FA again.

Improving the security of our Twitter account

We recognize that, at first glance, using an authenticator app can be a headache and even risky (in case you lose your phone or uninstall the app). However, this method offers much greater security than the one based on SMS.

So, the first thing we will do is download the application from the links provided above. We can also look for it in the respective store of each operating system.

Scan QR code.

Once we have it installed, we will have to open the application and click on Scan a QR code.

Add account.

Now we will scan the QR code that appears on the Twitter website or mobile application, the account will be linked to the Google Authenticator application. Next, we’ll see a six-digit 2FA login code in the authenticator app.

Confirm code for Twitter two-factor authentication.

The application will automatically generate a 6-digit code, which changes every 30 seconds. So we’ll need to make sure we enter this code quickly before it expires to complete the 2FA process.

That would be all, every time we log in we will need to enter the code that is generated in the Google application. This method is incredibly safe because to be able to enter an account, the password alone is not enough; the code will also be necessary, which is obtained from the phone. So unless the person trying to get into our account knows the password and has physical access to the device, they won’t be able to do anything.

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