We cannot deny that, of the most used instant messaging applications, the Facebook app leads by far. No wonder so many people want to know how to set up and use WhatsApp on iPad. Sometimes we are comfortable on our sofa enjoying our tablet and suddenly we want to carry on a conversation with our friends; it’s definitely not like switching between phone and tablet right? But we can have everything in one, opening WhatsApp on iPad.

Set up and use WhatsApp on iPad

The first thing we will do is open Safari on iPad, we will have to enter WhatsApp Web. We can see a QR code which we will have to scan with the WhatsApp application from our device.

WhatsApp Web in Safari.

If we don’t see the QR code, it means that we are using an older operating system. To be able to see the QR code, we will have to click on the icon with the three ellipses on the right side and we will click on “Request desktop site”.

Pair device.

Now we will have to open WhatsApp on our phone, either Android or iOS. We click on the three points found in the upper right part of the screen and we will have to select “Linked devices” from the drop-down list.

Link this WhatsApp with another device.

Next, we will have to click on “Pair a device” and the camera will open.

WhatsApp Web on iPad.

It is time to scan the QR code that appears on our iPad. We will simply have to point the camera so that it takes all the code in question.

Now we can see WhatsApp on our iPad without any kind of problems. It is possible to respond to individual or group messages, in the same way that we would do it from the mobile phone.

In case we accidentally close the Safari tab, don’t worry because WhatsApp Web will remember the record. When we reopen it, we will enter automatically without having to redo the process.

An important note is that this WhatsApp Web on iPad depends on the WhatsApp of the device. If the phone turns off or has no internet, then the iPad WhatsApp will not work.

Create WhatsApp Shortcut on iPad Home Screen

We also have the ability to create a WhatsApp Web shortcut directly on the iPad home screen, to be able to enter quickly.


For this we open the tab where we have WhatsApp Web in Safari and we will have to click on the three ellipsis icon that is in the upper right corner of the address bar.

Add to home screen.

Among the list of options that appears, we will have to scroll down and press “Add to home screen.”


Next, it passes us to a new screen, we will have to press “Add” at the top of this pop-up box.

How to set up and use WhatsApp on iPad

And in this simple way, we already have access to all our chats from Safari on iPad. It’s too easy, every time we open it, WhatsApp Web will open directly without much more complications.

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