After a long day at work or studying, you want to go home just to play relaxed without anyone bothering you. You log into Steam and your friends start chatting, preventing us from being able to play undisturbed. In these cases, when we don’t feel like socializing and just want to play, it’s best to set the offline mode on steam.

How to configure offline or offline mode on Steam

Steam has a lot of social features, including chat and the ability for our friends to see what we’re playing. This is something quite useful because we can talk to our friends and join their multiplayer games; depending on the game they’re playing, of course.

Offline mode on Steam.

If we are going to appear offline on Steam, it will completely disable all social features. We won’t be able to send or receive messages, use voice chat, join multiplayer games, stream or view statistics related to our friends’ games. Obviously, the others will not be able to either.

An alternative to offline mode is to turn invisible. In this state we will simply appear as offline to all our friends. Although we will still be able to send and receive messages and use all the social settings that Steam offers.

Even in offline or stealth mode we can play online multiplayer games. It is different from the offline mode, where no one is going to bother us while we play.

Appear offline on Steam


We come across two places on Steam where we can change our status. The first will be in the “Friends” menu, which we can find in the upper left. We will click on “Friends” and then we will click on “Invisible” or “Offline”, depending on what we want.

Friends and chats.

The other alternative can be found in the “Friends and chat” pop-up window. We will click on “Friends and chat” in the lower right corner of Steam.

Stealth or offline mode.

Next, we will click on the arrow pointing down to expand the drop-down menu and we can choose “Invisible” or “Offline”.

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Once we spend some time playing offline, we can return to our online state at any time by following the same steps as above.

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