• TikTok is, even in the post-pandemic, one of the favorite social networks of minors
  • As in any social platform, monitoring parents is essential to prevent them from being vulnerable to the actions of cybercriminals of all kinds, from economic to sexual
  • This service has a series of customizations around parental controls, integrated within the Family Pairing section, and that can help you keep it “nice and familiar”

The decision that our little ones have access to the latest technologies is not exactly an easy one. Many times, their exposure to social networks and other platforms is almost inevitable, and the best we can do is accompany that introduction to the world of adults, following it closely. By case, If you are going to lend your children your mobile, or you plan to give them a smartphone, knowing how to configure TikTok Family Pairing can be important.

This network, like many others, has a series of parental control functions so that it continues to be fun for children, but it is also safe, and Give parents peace of mind to allow them to use. These features are integrated into the TikTok Family Pairing section, which you must learn to manage.

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Set up Family Pairing

Team Matchmaking

Setting up the TikTok Family Pairing parental controls requires us to be able to access both our own phone settings, which goes without saying, as well as those of our children. Does this mean that you have to take some initial steps to then manage the scope of your account.

  • Open TikTok on your device as usual
  • Click on Profile, in the bottom bar of the screen
  • Press the three horizontal lines, in the upper right corner
  • Go to Settings and privacy, and once there to Family pairing
  • Accept the conditions, select Main, Next, and wait to see the QR code
  • On your child’s device, open TikTok, Profile, Settings & Privacy, Pairing
  • Next, read the QR code that appears on your own device, from your child’s device
  • Link both accounts, and select Link, so that they are connected
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Without this first part of the procedure the next part would be impossible.so start by following those steps.

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Now yes, check your profile

Now yes, we are closer than ever to setting up TikTok Family Pairing, and the best thing is that you already have full access to the social network configuration system on your child’s computer, so you can carry out the changes that you consider appropriate as it grows, or that shows you that it is mature enough.

We suggest you take a look at TikTok Family Pairing, because you will notice that there are many interesting tools to collaborate with the protection of minors, related to their privacy, online security and digital well-being.

We are talking about instruments that will make it easier for you to control the time spent in front of the screen, restrictions for inappropriate content, and even the possibility for children to log in or out when they please.

Lastly, you can enable or disable the search bar on TikTok, so there’s a lot to explore.

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TikTok Family Pairing has some extremely useful privacy and security solutions for its users. Basically, reviewing what we have seen, you will be able to control who sends messages to your little ones, who can access their profiles, who can comment on their content and who can review their Likes.

If you want to go a little further, you can change your child’s TikTok account to make it private. You can also prevent it from appearing as a suggested account for other people, perhaps complete strangers. All measures, obviously, with which we can prevent strangers from communicating with them.

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Otherwise, Please note that children under the age of 13 cannot have a profile on this social network,. So in those circumstances you will have to talk to them to explain how these applications work.

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