In Mac can share a calendar with our friends to show them our comings and goings. Something that is quite useful in a wide variety of occasions, especially when we have to organize an event with the help of different people.

Maybe we don’t have our phone nearby and we want to show a friend what we will do next week, we can share a calendar on Mac by following a few steps.

But before we get started, we’ll need to have our iCloud account properly set up on Mac and the calendar we want to share is saved through the iCloud account (not just locally). In order to check this we will have to go to Calendar> Preferences> Accounts.

Share a calendar on Mac

Set as public.

The first thing we will have to do is open the calendar application on Mac. Once it is open, we will have to go to the tab on the left where we can see all our calendars. We will proceed to right click on the one we want to share and choose Share calendar.

In the Share with window; We will have to write the number or email address of the person with whom we want to share the calendar and press Enter.

We’ll have to make sure we do it wisely because the person we’re going to share the calendar with will receive the invitation instantly, so be careful who we share it with.

After adding someone, we can change the permissions they have. We click on the arrow that is pointing down next to its name and we can choose «Only view» or «View and edit». From this same section you can resend the invitation if necessary.

But we also find another option, we can make the calendar public. Something similar to what we can find in Google Calendar because this process will generate a URL and we can share it with anyone; people who subscribe to our calendar will only be able to see it and not modify it. You can even subscribe to a calendar on Mac.

Obviously, we don’t recommend doing this on a calendar that is personal.

How to stop sharing a calendar

Share Mac calendar

In case it is no longer necessary to share a calendar on Mac, we can also stop sharing it at any time, we will do it in the following way.

  • We right click on the calendar.
  • Among the options, we choose Stop sharing.
  • In the pop-up window, click again on Stop sharing.

If after doing this we still see the Shared icon next to the calendar, it is very possible that we have the Public Calendar box checked. In order to fix this, we’re going to go to Sharing Settings and uncheck the Public Calendar button.

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