From our PS4 can share games to play with a friend or familiar on another console. This means that we can play together with someone else, even if one of us owns the game.

PlayStation 4 allows game sharing and Share Play, although those features are a bit different. When we change the settings on a friend’s PS4, that PS4 will be able to use game sharing so we can access all the titles on our PS4. Share Play, on the other hand, gives us the possibility to invite a player from another console to a local multiplayer game, even if this game does not have online multiplayer.

What we should keep in mind before sharing games on PS4

Sharing a game is similar to sharing a book or disk. It is only necessary for one person to have the same so that the other, in a different console, can borrow it. Although there are some things we should know before continuing.

  • PlayStation Plus required. To have the possibility to share the game with someone we need a PlayStation Plus subscription, this is required for us as well as for the person with whom we are going to share the game, both need their respective subscriptions.
  • Share the game with one person at a time. If we try to share the game with a third party, we run the risk of getting the account banned.
  • Be careful who we share with. The process requires sharing personal information from one PS4 account to the other, so it’s best to do it with people you trust.
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How to share a PS4 game

Manage account.

The first thing we will do is go to the console with which we want to share the game, we will have to log in with our own PlayStation account. Then we’re going to choose Settings > Account Management.

primary account.

We will have to choose “Activate as your main PS4” and we will have to confirm the action by pressing “Activate”.

We activate the option.

That’s all we have to do, from now on your friend will be able to see all your games in the library of your PlayStation 4, download and play them.

How to use Share Play on PlayStation 4

Share Play gives us the possibility to invite a player on a different PS4 to be able to see the screen of our game on their console. This way we can play together.

On the PS4 home screen we are going to select “Group” and then “Start Group”. Next, we are going to choose “Create group” and we will have to select “Add players” to be able to invite the friend with whom we want to share the game.

We will start the game we want to play and press the “Share” button on our controller, then on the screen we will choose “Share Play”.

We choose the friend in question. When he accepts the invitation, a 60-minute timer will start in which the two of us can share the game.

During these 60 minutes we can give our friend control of the game. We will press “Share” on the controller; we choose “Go to group for Share Play” and we choose “Give controller to visitor”. Now we will be able to choose if we want to allow the visitor to play as us or play together.

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