• Household is an Amazon Prime option that allows us to share accounts and benefits
  • We can share various contents, and manage them as we see fit
  • There are certain secrets about user management that it is better to discover beforehand

One of the main discussions that is coming up in the world of on-demand platforms is account sharing. As we know, much has been said recently about Netflix’s decision to pursue such behavior. Meanwhile, and unlike other applications as the most popular in its category, we can still share the Amazon Prime account with family and friends to easily multiply the fun.

The fact is that Amazon executives have even joked about the latest limitations imposed by Netflix, dedicating some posts to it on social networks such as Twitter, making it clear that they will not follow this path. We probably couldn’t say that they won’t in the future, but at least they won’t in the short term.

In fact, the key is that our account of Amazon Prime comes configured with one feature, Householdwhich is essential when it comes to sharing the profile and enjoying more and more advantages with our friends and family.

Basically, we are going to be able to add adults to our household and have access to benefits like parental controls, unlimited storage for photos, and even a library to share games, books and other.

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How to add members to your household on Amazon Prime?

First things first, and in this case it will be adding new members to your Amazon Prime household account.

  • Click on Accounts & Lists in the drop-down menu located at the top right of the screen
  • Scroll down until you reach Account Settings
  • Select Amazon home and wait for a new tab to open
  • Once in that menu, click on Add an adult, who will be the only one accepted
  • Ask that adult to enter their login, trial, or subscriber credentials
  • You can also add up to four children to the household if you wish by clicking Add a child. Likewise, you can add up to four teenagers, by clicking on Add a teenager
  • Then, it is possible to edit the profile of each of these new complementary users
share amazon prime 2 account

Once you’ve added everyone to your household, you’ll be able to share content with them seamlessly. You have to take into account, however, that payment information will also be shared, so each one should verify that they are paying with the means with which they are supposed to do it, or else there will be problems.

And how to manage content on Amazon Prime?

Once you have all your family and friends with you on the account, it’s time to manage it.

  • Go to Your account in the drop-down menu located at the top right of the screen
  • Scroll down to Settings, and select your Amazon home
  • On your home page, click Manage your family library
  • Select whether or not you want to share applications, games, books and other content
  • At the bottom of the screen, select Manage content and devices
  • Then select Show instant video in the Content tab
  • Set content suitable for your children to see
  • When you have finished with this configuration, click OK to finish
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share amazon prime 3 account

Indeed, this is all you need to know to be able to manage your Amazon Prime content.

What are other benefits that can be shared?

Now that you know how to share an Amazon Prime account step by step, surely You will want to know what you have at hand for paying an annual membership, and some of the advantages of Amazon Prime are these:

  • Access to Prime Now, Prime Video and Prime Music, with millions of contents
  • Access to free two-day, same-day and discounted shipping
  • Early Access to Amazon Lightning Deals
  • Unlimited photo storage
  • Kindle Book Lending

The above are just some of the advantages that Amazon Prime users with whom you share your account will haveso it’s a big favor you’re doing them if you decide to add them to your household profile.

The interesting thing is that, in these cases, several adults, adolescents and children will be able to have the classic functions, keep their personal histories and notification emails separately, but pay less.

The other good news is that we can always remove any of the adults, teens or children if we wish. Nevertheless, remember that between removing an adult and adding another, at least 180 days must pass.

And, finally, if a teenager or a child wants to buy something with the credit card of one of the adults, they will receive a message in which they must enable the operation or, otherwise, it will be pending for later.

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