The use of technology gives us many benefits -and some other concerns- on a day-to-day basis. Fortunately, we can say that Signing documents electronically is one of the great advantages of the Internet, and in this article we show you how to do it step by step and in a simple way, in addition to reviewing some of the circumstances in which it is better to opt for this solution, instead of signing on paper.

it’s possible sign electronically a document, so you will not even have to move from where you are to establish your consent about a purchase or sale, or any other procedure.

Why is it fashionable to sign documents in this way?

Signing documents electronically is fashionable for several reasons or compelling reasons, but probably the most important of them all is the enormous amount of time, and money, that we save by doing so.

Have you ever thought about the amount of hours you lose a day, a week or a month waiting to sign documents, when you have completed a large part of the required data directly from the Internet?

Secondly, the availability of specific software to respond to this need and demand also justifies the popularity of electronic signatures for documents, as in the case of Signaturit.

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Main features of this service

Fast and easy

Services like this one stand out for being absolutely fast and simple, even when they have probative value. They even tend to diversify their options, with simple signatures, advanced signatures with biometrics, advanced signatures with digital certificates and qualified signatures. It will depend on what is required of the client.

In either case, the procedure is simple even for those who have no experience with them. Nor is it contingent on having a management software, since there are solutions that need them and others that do not.

Legal support

Legal support is another fundamental aspect, an issue that should never go unnoticed if you are going to sign documents electronically, because that is where the tranquility of your actions lies.

This platform follow the laws of the European Union and the United States, such as the EU Regulation No. 910/2014, known as the eIDAS Regulation for the first, and the E-Sign Act at the federal level, and the UETA Act, for the second.

Automation and more productivity

Before we talked about saving time and money, and that is, For each expense that you face in your business, you have to think about the ROI, the return on investment, and thus analyze if it is worth allocating those resources.

Electronic signatures allow you to save large amounts of money, and the savings multiply with the passage of time and the more documents you sign, so that entrepreneurs and companies that have to sign numerous documents in short periods of time, will see the return on investment before.

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By not printing contracts, not sending them by mail and not filing them, you will be saving your money, and saving time.

From there, it will considerably increase the productivity of your business, simplifying and automating each step of the life cycle of contracts and documents, to schedule them and avoid disorganization.

How to sign electronically with Signaturit step by step?

As we said, With Signaturit, any type of document can be signed electronically, and learning to do it is not complicated even if you do not have experience in the matter. You only have to sign this way.

Click on «Start»

In the first instance, you will receive a signature request from Signaturit, which you can access from your email or SMS. You will open the link in question from any device, and you will see the instructions that you must follow, in Get Started.

Accept the “Terms and Conditions”

You have already accessed the document that you are going to sign, but first you have to mark all the checks that appear in Signaturit’s «Terms and Conditions», and accept that the biometrics be encrypted to guarantee legality.

Fill in all the fields

The next step has to do with completing all the fields that the document asks for, taking advantage of the information provided by the top bar about those that are pending, so that you do not forget them.

Sign the document

We arrived at the key moment, the moment of signing. You have to sign by drawing in the box «Leave your signature here». With this application, you can even sign from your mobile, scanning a QR. When finished, click on “OK”.

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Click on «Send»

Once you have filled in all the fields, including the signature, you will have the “Send” button, the last one, before you. When you don’t see it, that means you still have some pending fields to fill out.

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