There are not a few of us who use Amazon Fire Stick to enjoy different content offered by streaming platforms such as Netflix. So why would we need sign out of Netflix on Amazon Fire Stick? Perhaps we are changing devices or decided to cancel our subscription, for whatever reason, logging out is something we can achieve in a matter of a few minutes.

Log out of Netflix on Amazon Fire Stick

In the application available for all devices, the Sign out option should be available at a glance, as we find it on any television, right? However, in the case of the Amazon Fire Stick, for some reason Netflix decided to make things a bit more complicated. Actually, in the Netflix app the option to log out as such does not even exist.

Although there is an alternative way to log out. It is a simple and direct option that we will discuss a little below.

Clear Netflix Data
  • We start by going to the home screen of our FireStick and we will navigate to Settings.
  • In this menu, we are going to have to select Applications and then we are going to Manage all installed applications.
  • Here we are going to look for Netflix in the list, we will select the application and click on Clear data.

Once we do, the session will be permanently closed from the Amazon Fire Stick.

Sign out of all devices at once

We also have the option to log out of all devices at once without any kind of problem. This option is ideal if we have forgotten the account opened on a device that does not belong to us.

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What we really need here is simply a web browser. From this, we will be able to log out of all devices where our account is still logged in.

To achieve this we will have to go to, log in and click on the profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen. We select Your account and in this new page we will scroll down to the Settings section, here we will look for the option Log out on all devices. Then we are going to confirm by choosing Close session.

We can also do this from mobile devices. We will open the application, click on the icon that is in the upper left corner and that has the shape of three horizontal lines and we will choose Account. Press and select the option Sign out on all devices. To confirm we will choose Close session.

Something that we must consider is that this method is used to log out of all devices. Although it can take up to 8 hours to completely close the session in each one.

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