• Dividing a Word page into several parts is an essential trick at the internal organization level. Hand in hand with this function, we can better classify the information that we are presenting
  • In addition to that, the Microsoft word processor allows us to manage sections of the file, establishing the number of columns that we prefer for each space in the document

As we have said many times, when making university or work presentations, it is as important to provide interesting content as it is to do it with an attractive aesthetic. It applies not only to the slides that we can create in PowerPoint, but to any other project. So learn how dividing a Word page into several parts will allow you to give your text documents a much more professional look.

We already said that the objective of this tutorial is none other than to represent what we want to say correctly. Not so much to flaunt the customization capacity in the eyes of Word, but to make the most of each tool that helps us to make it easier to read and understand the data we provide.

Keep in mind that although you can divide a Word page into as many parts as you deem necessary, a very interesting option is to divide it into four quadrants or sections, because it favors the organization of the file.

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How to divide a page into four parts in Word

Using the Tags

The most direct way to divide a Word page into parts, in this case in four, is to divide the document using the Tags offered by the Office office suite, through the following tutorial:

  • In the Word document you want to split, on the ribbon, go to Mailings, Labels
  • Browse among the alternatives that are available, and select ¼ letter, then clicking OK
  • Click on New Document, and a file divided into four parts of equal size will open

From there, you can create and edit your Word documents in the traditional way, so you will not need any adaptation or anything, but simply distribute the information to be displayed according to each column.

Creating a 2×2 table

In second instance, you can divide the page of a Word document into four spaces, equal or not, by inserting a 2×2 table and then removing the borders of it, so that it appears to be divided:

  • In the Word document you want to split, go to the Insert tab, to Table, and choose a 2×2
  • Make the table span the entire page, so it appears to divide the document into four
  • Finally, insert the texts in the rows and columns as you want, I already divide everything in four

If you find the border lines too thick, you can make them thinner from Designthen select Page Borders, a complementary procedure that will improve how that presentation looks.

Other frequently asked questions

How do I divide a Word page into three columns?

Just like the four-section division we mentioned earlier, you can also divide a Word page into two or three spaces. To use three columns on a single Word page, you have to follow these steps:

  • Click the Layout tab, and open the Columns dropdown menu, selecting Three
  • If you require it, you can add more columns using the More columns option
  • Shortly, the selected number of columns will be applied to the document
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What is a section break in Word?

Thanks to the Section format, you can apply different page layouts to different sections of the document. Section break is for dividing a page into different sections, applying changes independently. By adding a section break, you can set different formats for each section of the file.

For example, one section might have a single column, while another section might have three or four columns.

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