Microsoft has added a nifty feature to its Teams app called Spotlight (Highlight). With it, you can highlight someone’s video during a meeting. This fixes your video, somewhat, so that others see it more clearly. You can highlight your own video if you are the meeting host.

Activating the Spotlight feature for yourself or for a participant or member is easy. And deactivating it, if necessary, during the meeting is just as easy. Let’s see how to highlight someone in Microsoft Teams.

How to star a participant or member in Microsoft Teams

To highlight a participant’s video, right-click their video or click the three points next to your name in the participant list.

In the options, press Highlight.

Confirm your choice by pressing Highlight in the pop-up window.

How to turn off Spotlight for participant videos in Teams

To stop highlighting a participating video in Teams, follow a similar process.

Right-click on the video or click on the three points next to their name, then click Stop standing out.

Confirm by clicking on the pop-up window “Stop standing out“.

How to highlight your own videos in Teams

If you want to add a highlight for your own video, right-click or click the three points that appear next to your own name in the participant list, and then select Stand out.

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Just like when a participant is highlighted, you will have to confirm it by clicking Highlight in the pop-up window.

How to get out of Spotlight mode for your own videos in Teams

When you want to stop standing out, access the menu Participants.

From there, right-click your video or click the three points what’s next to your name and choose Exit highlight.

Confirm in the pop-up window by clicking Exit highlight to deactivate the function.

Using Spotlight in Microsoft Teams

Here are some things to keep in mind if you plan to use spotlight mode in Microsoft Teams for your next meeting.

  • Cannot highlight a video using Large gallery or Together mode.
  • Featured videos do not appear as such in the meeting recording. However, this is said to be a temporary limitation.
  • You can highlight more than one video at a time. The function will display as Add Featured if another is already highlighted.

How to highlight videos in Microsoft Teams

The Spotlight feature can be useful if you are sharing your screen in Teams or presenting a document of some kind. This allows everyone to focus on a video for a clearer picture.

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