• Starting from scratch in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is something that you will surely consider sooner or later
  • If you think starting over is the best option, you may want to keep privileges
  • Both items and recipes will be waiting for you if a friend does you the favor of taking care of them

Whenever we begin to enjoy a video game, whether on PC, consoles or even now on mobile, we aspire to overcome all the obstacles that it poses until we solve the main character’s problems. When that happens, however, we can experience a certain feeling of existential emptiness. Eventually, you’ll want to get back to feeling those old feelings from the first day with that game, and that’s why in this case we want to show you how to start your games from scratch, again, in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

As we mentioned, chances are that on your first approach to one of the best Nintendo Switch games, never imagine dispensing with all the progress achieved to one day start your game again. Many players, however, find that this is their wish when they are close to finishing it.

The explanation or justification for this is that events can unfold faster than anticipated, especially if we’ve spent a lot of time on them, and that means we can not only get to game-defining instances faster than we wanted to, but we can also make bad decisions.

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In those situations, we believe that there is no better way out than to start the game again, and the good news is that you don’t have to give up those elements that have required a lot of effort, but you can keep them. Exactly that is what you will learn through the following guide that we put in your hands today.

Start over in Animal Crossing without losing recipes or items

As we said, if you have invested hours of your life cultivating green areas and creating rare elements in the game, obviously you have to consider this proposal that we are giving you, because it is the only one with which you will be able to recover all those items once you have restarted your game of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

For example, if you have some essential items that you would like to preserve during your next island life, you should leave them on a friend’s island when you visit them online by taking advantage of what is known as the Dodo Code. The good thing is that you can carry up to 40 items depending on the size of your pocket, and this is also upgradeable.

Another useful trick is to not learn DIY recipes that you will need later.. Leaving them on your friend’s island makes sense because that way when you restart the game you can retrieve, learn and use them later.

But this is all more of a theory, and since we’re sure you’re here for the practice, we’ll focus specifically on the steps you have to follow to start another game of New Horizons.

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Tutorial for a new game in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

  • Go to the home screen of your Nintendo Switch and press the small round button under the right joystick
  • Select System Settings in the bottom horizontal menu, and scroll down to the Data Management section
  • Click Delete Save Data at the bottom of the list in the right panel and go to New Horizons
  • Selecting this game, confirm that you are going to Delete all save data for this software
  • You should get a message asking if you are sure to delete the information

Once you have deleted the information, return to the home screen and launch Animal Crossing again. You should immediately start a new New Horizons adventure, seemingly without the items.

To recover them, as we said before, you have to visit the island of a friend who saves them for you.


This is how to start over in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. A difficult decision to make in most cases, but sometimes it’s worth it if you’ve done some things wrong, the kind we understand over time. Even when we can correct errors during the game, it is not strange that these errors are irreversible.

Now that you know how to start from scratch in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, what will you change from what you’ve done?

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