We cannot deny that one of the best features that we find in QuickTime is the possibility of recording the screen without overcomplicating our lives. However, there is a small drawback that annoys many people and it is the simple fact that they do not find how to stop screen recording with quicktime.

Stop screen recording in QuickTime


Actually, QuickTime is quite easy to use, it is a matter of habit and that we adapt to your options. So let’s start by starting the application and clicking on File.

New recording in QuickTime.

Here we are going to go to New screen recording. The software would have to start recording the screen immediately. We can also activate this function with two shortcuts: Ctrl + N in the case of Windows and Command + Option + N for Mac.

Start recording.

Now we will have to adjust the screen recording preferences, we can modify the audio source, etc. Once we are ready, we simply press the red button that will start the screen recording.

Stop screen recording in QuickTime

Once we finish recording what we needed, we will have to position the cursor on the recording bar and click on the Stop icon. In case we don’t find the recording bar, we will press Escape and we should see the Stop command. Another option is to press Ctrl + Escape on Windows or Command + Escape on Mac.

Save video file.

Now we go back to the menu, select File and click Save to make sure our recording was saved to the device.

Edit a recording in QuickTime before stopping it

We also have the possibility of editing video without using other software to achieve the desired results.

Record screen in QuickTime.

For this we will open QuickTime Player and start recording.


Then, we will have to go to the Crop or Edit menu, depending on the version we have.

Edit recording.

We will choose the part of the recording that we need to save using the yellow controls. The area that remains highlighted will be the one that will be saved.

If we want to make adjustments to the recording, we will have to use the left or right arrow keys. In this way we can change the beginning and end of the video. After moving the playhead to the right or left, we’ll type “i” to relocate our current position. We can also write “o” to designate the end point.

Edit timeline.

If necessary, we can hold down the yellow sliders to get closer to the point we want. It is a quite useful function that allows us to edit the content with greater precision.

Edit video before stopping screen recording in QuickTime

Once we have finished, we will proceed to save the recording on the device.

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