• Nintendo offers us a reward system through points if we are Switch users
  • We can get platinum points and gold points by fulfilling different assigned tasks
  • How should we spend the gold points? What do we achieve with platinum points?

More than ever, the war between the main consoles and entertainment platforms has stopped focusing only on products, in this case on games, to also pay attention to the services that surround those titles. Starting from that context, If a message appears indicating that they are about to expire, you will surely want to know how to take advantage of your Nintendo Switch points. Find out throughout this article!

Of course, the first thing you have to keep in mind is that if you are the owner of a Nintendo Switch, that almost certainly means that you have access to Nintendo points, which we can use to obtain the rewards that the Japanese firm has for us. prepared, and that almost always result in saving money.

The problem, in any case, is that we have to hurry up a bit to spend those points… or they will be lost. Nintendo usually warns us of this situation, and only then do many users worry about putting them to use.

nintendo switch 2 points
Nintendo usually warns us of the next expiration of the accumulated points

How do you get Nintendo Points?

In general, Nintendo points are accumulated as a result of playing games, participating in tournaments, providing comments on the titles that we more or less like, being members of Switch Online, etc.

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You can view the accumulated rewards in both Platinum Points and Gold Points on My Nintendo. Regarding gold points, they are obtained as a result of the purchase of games, digital or physical, with an average return of 5% of what we spend on the purchase, which is accumulated for other operations.

In order to accumulate these prizes, you must have a My Nintendo account and link it to the Nintendo Account. It seems incredible, but the developers of the asian have not made the synchronization automatic.

Within My Nintendo you will be able to see some recommendations to earn points without too much effort.

How to prevent Nintendo points from expiring?

Regardless of everything mentioned, you have to remember that platinum points expire after six months, while gold points expire after twelve months. As time goes by, all the accumulated points will disappear, without this happening all at once, but with respect to the term foreseen for each specific point.

From MyNintendo you will see a section of My points, Expiration, to know which ones are about to expire. Eventually, therefore, it is convenient to spend them before they are close to being valid.

Spend platinum points on physical and digital products

Once you know how many points you have available, you need to go to Get Rewards page where you can see categories for both mobile and desktop rewards.

We usually suggest purchasing physical merchandise from the My Nintendo Store, considering that there are some useful items like bags, lanyards, key chains and others, which are a good destination for stored points. They also have the advantage that you can order several by paying a single shipment to save a little more.

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And it’s a way to get merchandise that would otherwise be out of your reach.

nintendo switch 3 points
The Nintendo Missions and Rewards section, from where you can manage your points

Spend gold points on physical and digital products

In the case of gold points, you better think about it a little more carefully, because its value is higher. You have the possibility to get complete games for free, to enjoy great sales and internal purchases.

If what you want is to take a game completely free, you have to select the button Continue with the purchase. Once on the next screen, click on Use points for a discount and then wait for the store to calculate how much the discount will be. Using the points you will have promotions that are usually favorable.

This is the way to discard the points you have saved without a specific purposeand you can not only take advantage of those that are about to expire, but also all of what is obtained, for greater discounts.

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