We could say that TikTok is quite a different platform compared to other social networks. Unlike Instagram or Twitter, here we select our feeds manually, seeing only what we would like to see. Following this point, it is possible teach TikTok what we like to see thanks to the possibility of configuring a very personalized video feed.

TikTok’s home page is called For You and in this case, it really means for you. For example, after using the social network for a while, the social network algorithm discovered that I am an emo teen trying to learn French, playing The Sims 4 too much. How would the algorithm know, what kind of person am I and what are my pleasures?

Over time, it’s possible to teach TikTok what we like to watch. Although when it comes to a new account and they have no information about us, things get complicated. As soon as we started, the page for you will show viral videos of the most popular users of the app. However, if we want to see other videos, we can make a few changes.

Do we still have the Discover section?

A while ago, the easiest way to find videos was to use Discover or Discover to see trends. The option was located at the bottom of the page. Sadly, TikTok recently announced that it was going to introduce the Friends tab, which would allow you to find and enjoy any content from the people you’re connected with. Over time, many TikTok users found that the new tab, Friends, replaced Discover and that it had disappeared.

Discover tab.

However, there are still some people who have the tab available, especially from the TikTok website. Here we are going to find various popular hashtags, sounds, effects, etc. When we select them we can start and tell the algorithm of the social network what we like. We can also use the search bar at the top to search for topics that appeal to us.

Find topics without the Discover option

Leaving aside the virtually defunct Discover tab, we can still search for topics we want to explore and show TikTok what we like to watch. We can use the Search icon in the upper right corner of the home screen. We are going to find ourselves with the possibility of searching for what we want, we will even find some suggested searches, although they do not always work quite well.

Use the search engine.

Thanks to searches, we can find a wide variety of videos with different hashtags and music. When we like videos we find and choose to follow their creators, we’ll help TikTok recommend more specific content to us on For You.

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Click on the sounds

The more the algorithm learns from us, the better results we will see. On many occasions, trends are based exclusively on sounds. Sounds can be popular audio clips, music, or audio created by other people.

In the bottom right corner of a video screen, we will see a rotating circle, this is where the sound is. When we press this option, we will see several videos that make use of that sound.

Although we are only going to watch videos that use sound and we have no other way to filter them. It’s a great way to find various creators that we may not know about.

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