Using a Nintendo console is not complicated at all. We are talking about a small console that has the best platform games and that even allows us to connect the controllers to the PC. However, it can be complex for beginners, that’s why we will teach you how to turn off a Nintendo Switch.

Basically, we can find two ways to turn off a Nintendo Switch, they are quite simple and each of these methods can be used according to certain situations. We will use one of them to turn off the console when it does not have any kind of problem and the other to force it to shut down in case of a software-related problem.

How to turn off Nintendo Switch

The first thing we will have to do is find the power button, this can be located on the upper edge. On the Switch Lite and OLED Switch versions, the power button is located on the left side near the volume buttons. Simply, we will have to hold it down for several seconds.

Button off Switch.

When we do, the screen will go dark and the main system menu will appear. Here we are going to have to choose “Power Options” and then we are going to have to click on “Shutdown”.

Alternatively, if we want to restart your Switch, then we can choose the option to “Restart” directly.

The Switch screen will turn black, after a few seconds, it will turn off completely. Unlike the sleep mode, when we turn off the console in this way, it does not consume any energy; is completely off.

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Force switch off

If the console is unresponsive and cannot be turned off normally, then the only option left is to force the console to shut down. For this we will have to press and hold the power button on the upper left edge of the device for several seconds.

What we must emphasize is that the option of force shutdown it only has to be used in an emergency; When Switch malfunctions, it freezes or lags. If used incorrectly, data stored on the device may be lost or system data may be corrupted. Which would definitely make things worse.

How to turn on Nintendo Switch

To be able to turn on your Nintendo Switch again, all we have to do is press and hold the power button that is located on the upper edge of the device until the Nintendo logo appears. Once it appears, we can stop pressing the button.

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