Once we finish solving the problems that our phone has, we are going to have to proceed to disable safe mode on android. There are several ways to do it and we will review them in this article. Spoiler alert! It’s pretty easy to get out of this mode.

Safe mode allows us to solve a large number of problems easily and quickly, even Windows has safe mode and it is extremely useful. But how can we get out of this mode?

Disable Android safe mode

In order to get out of Android’s safe mode, all we really have to do is simply restart it. We can use the power button of the phone or the notification panel, we will see both methods a little further down.

Before we begin, we must mention that the steps have been performed using a Samsung Android phone. Obviously, depending on the manufacturer and version of the operating system, the steps may vary slightly.

Using the power button to get out of safe mode

The easiest way to get out of safe mode is to use the physical power button on our phone. It is the button we use to turn the device on and off.

Reboot to disable safe mode.

The only thing we will have to do is press and hold the Power button. A new menu will appear with several options, here we are going to choose Restart.

Then all we have to do is wait. The phone will power off and restart as usual.

Using the notification panel

In case we prefer to use the options on the screen, we can use an option found in the notification panel of the phone. For this we are going to scroll down from the top of the phone screen.

Safe mode activated.

Once in the notification panel, we are going to have to press where it says Safe mode activated or some similar phrase (varies depending on the phone).

Remove safe mode.

We will see that a pop-up message appears asking us if we really want to exit safe mode. Here we are going to choose Power off.

After pressing on this option, the phone will turn off and on again without us having to do anything else.

Fix boot loop in safe mode

On some occasions the phone may continue to enter safe mode. There are several reasons why this can happen.

One of the reasons is that we are accidentally pressing a button on the phone while it is restarting. Generally, it happens when we have the device in the case, so the ideal thing would be to remove it.

It is also possible that a button is stuck and sends a signal to the software that we want to enter safe mode. So we will have to check the buttons and clean them if necessary.

Another reason may be that the phone is connected via USB, we all know that some devices do not work well when they are plugged in. So while we try to get out of safe mode, it would be best to unplug it from all cables.

Finally, the device should not be rooted to avoid problems. It is easy to know if the phone is rooted; If it is, you may have third-party tools installed that would make it a bit difficult to get out of this mode, especially if we don’t know the origin of the ROM. The way to resolve this is by unrooting the phone or upgrading to stock firmware.

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