• If you have a Fire TV Stick, you will probably have noticed that it does not have the traditional buttons, dedicated to both power on and off, including restart, of this class of devices.
  • In any case, the developers of the firm have made a mechanism available to users through which we can carry out these actions without major difficulties

Although it does not have the same penetration here as in the North American market, there is no doubt that Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is an interesting solution for those who want a smart TV. Of course, the problem is that its use is not always intuitive and, for example, Since it doesn’t have conventional power buttons, you probably want to know how to turn off the Fire TV Stick.. Here we show it to you.

Obviously, as with any technological gadget, a timely power off and on or restart can fix some common errors or glitches. But since we cannot execute it directly, we have to look for another option.

How to turn off a Fire Stick?

With the start button

  • Press and hold the Home button on the remote for 3-5 seconds
  • Select Sleep on the screen when this option appears
  • The screen will turn black immediately
  • To reactivate the device, just press any of the buttons on the remote
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From Settings

  • Go to the Settings of your Fire Stick
  • Within Settings, tap Sleep from the menu
  • Automatically, the Fire Stick will enter the so-called sleep mode
  • To reactivate the device, just press any of the buttons on the remote

From your app

If you usually control your Fire Stick from the mobile app, instead of using its remote, you can suspend it. Remember that this application is available for both iOS and Android, and is extremely intuitive.

  • Launch the Fire Stick app on your smartphone
  • In the menu that appears, select Remote to control it remotely
  • Go to the gear icon to access Settings and there select the Sleep option
  • Once turned off, to reactivate the device, just press any of the buttons on the remote control
turn off fire tv stick 2

What is sleep mode?

You have probably noticed in the above methods that the Fire Stick does not turn off completely, but rather goes to sleep. In fact, the Fire Stick is really just going to sleep, so to speak.

In this mode, the Fire Stick TV screen is black, but the Fire Stick can still receive updates. In addition, after 20 minutes this mode is automatically activated, to reduce electricity consumption.

Unplug it, the only alternative

Having seen what we have seen, we could then affirm that the only alternative to turn off a Fire Stick is to unplug it. At all other times, you will actually be entering a sleep mode.

Cutting the power supply will prevent them from staying active, so that’s what you need to do to turn it off. When? We recommend doing this whenever sleep mode hasn’t fixed your issues.

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Other frequently asked questions

Why can’t I turn off my Fire Stick?

Even if the Fire Stick is “awake”, it may not work or respond to some of the indicated commands. There is still the possibility turn it off by unplugging it from the TV if you see that it does not respond to your keystrokes. You just have to wait a minute before plugging it back in. and use it.

Will I lose data if I completely turn off my Fire Stick?

By turning off your Fire Stick you will not lose any of your account itemsalthough you should know that this will happen when you perform a factory reset of the device, so try to be careful about it.

Why reset my Fire Stick?

On certain occasions, no matter how carefully you have been following all the steps we have proposed, things may go wrong. For no apparent reason, your Fire Stick isn’t working, and that’s quite a challenge.

Restarting it then becomes the only solution that we can rely on if there is an unexpected error or failure. Generally, turning it off and on again, waiting a moment, should work as before.


Amazon hasn’t offered a direct way to turn off your Fire Stick, but that doesn’t have to be an inconvenience. You can put it to sleep by pressing the button that they have given us for it, although that limits its functions. When you click on any of the buttons, it will restart and be active again as usual.

Have you been able to turn off your Amazon Fire TV Stick with this trick that we teach you?

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