Unfortunately, there is no legitimate application that gives us the possibility to unfollow all accounts on instagram at once. Although we can find a large number of applications that promise to do this, it is simply a lie.

Beware of applications to unfollow accounts on Instagram

If we search the Play Store, App Store or Google, we will find many apps that promise to help us in this regard. However, if we review the reviews of other users, we will realize the reality: they do not work.

The worst of all is that not only do they waste our time, we also risk being scammed. How? Stealing our information or money in case of paying for a premium version.

Start a new Instagram

If we follow too many people and we don’t want to unfollow them one by one, why not create a new account? We simply disable or delete the old account and that’s it. Creating a new account will take less time than deleting 100, 200, or 2,000 followers.

Manually remove accounts we follow

Obviously, this method requires a lot of patience depending on the number of accounts that we follow. Although it is also a good measure to verify who we follow and see who we do not want to follow anymore. A good way to have better control over the account in general.


We start by opening the Instagram app and going to our profile icon in the bottom right corner.


Next, we’re going to need to tap Followers at the top of the screen.

Stop following.

Here we can review the list of the people we are following, if we want to stop following someone, we are simply going to click on the Delete button that is on the right side of it.

We are going to have to repeat this last step with all the people we follow that we want to eliminate.

One thing to keep in mind is that unfollowing too many people in a short period of time can seem suspicious. Instagram could consider it to be a bot and block the account. We recommend removing 50 followers or people you follow every 6 hours or more, if possible.

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