We download and install a video game and we are ready to enjoy it to the end. Once we have finished his story and unraveled all his secrets, it is time to uninstall these steam games and begin to enjoy others.

This is something relatively normal, we finish one and start another. After all, most of us don’t have enough storage space to store hundreds of games, especially if we won’t be playing them again for a while.

Luckily, Steam has a very easy way to uninstall games that doesn’t require much knowledge. Actually, from the same application we can uninstall them with two clicks of the mouse, we can even hide a video game in the library. So we are going to see in the following guide two methods to achieve it in a matter of 5 minutes or less.

Uninstall Steam games from the app

The fastest and easiest way to remove a game from Steam is from the application itself. We will start the Steam app on our computer and log in if we have not already done so.

Steam library.

In the top bar of the app, we are going to have to go to Library.

Uninstall game from Steam.

Here we are going to see all the games that we have installed. In the left sidebar we are going to have to right click on the game that we want to delete and we are going to Manage > Uninstall.


We will see a pop-up window that will warn us what happens if we uninstall the game. We simply click on Uninstall and that’s it.

Delete games from Windows settings

Windows applications.

We can also uninstall them from the same operating system. For this we will have to press Windows + i to open Settings and we will choose Applications.

Uninstall Steam Games on Windows.

On the applications page, we will find the game we want to remove, select it and a button will appear that says Uninstall.

Choose game.

A small window appears where it will ask us to confirm that we want to delete the app, so we click on Uninstall again.

Confirm uninstall.

Now we are going to see the Steam message again that asks us to confirm the uninstallation, we confirm it and wait for it to be deleted from our computer, a process that should not take more than a few minutes.

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