Update Android apps is essential. The reasons? There are several: security, privacy, new features, compatibility, stability, etc. So having so many reasons to keep them updated, how can we make sure that as soon as a new version comes out, we will have it available on our mobile? It is very simple and we will explain it a little further down.

Update Android apps manually

We have two options: update all applications or one by one, this can be done without problems from the Play Store.

Update Android apps manually.
  • We open the Play Store app and go to our profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Next, let’s choose Manage apps and devices, then go to Available updates.
  • Here we will be able to view a list of applications that need to be updated. The only thing we will have to do is click on Update next to each application that we want to update.
  • In case we want to update all the applications at the same time, we will have to click on the Update all button at the top.

Keep updates automatic

If we keep automatic updates, when a new version is available it will be downloaded in the background. This means that we will not have to do anything for them to be updated and kept up to date.

We will not have to check the Play Store every so often or anything similar. Generally, automatic updates are turned on by default, but it may happen that sometimes they are not, so it is better to check it.

Activate automatic updates.
  • We open the Play Store and click on our profile icon located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Next, we are going to have to go to Settings> Network preferences> Automatically update applications.
  • From this section we will have a few options. We can choose Wi-Fi Only if we want the apps to update only when we are connected to a Wi-Fi internet network. We can also select mobile data and Wi-Fi, which means that, regardless of the connection we have on the mobile, when there is a new version, it will be updated. This is not the best option if we have a limited data plan.
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In case we do not want to keep automatic updates activated, we will have to select Do not automatically update applications and that’s it.

Enable individual automatic updates

Update specific applications.
  • We open Play Store and go to our profile icon in the upper right corner.
  • Next, let’s go to Manage apps and devices, then tap Manage at the top.
  • We press the application that we want to update automatically.
  • We will have to select the three points that are in the upper corner of the screen and make sure that Enable automatic update is activated. In case we do not want this to work, we will uncheck it.

In this simple way, we can configure Android application updates automatically, manually or individually.

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