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How to use Apple Music on PS5

For a time the only application we could use to listen to music on PlayStation 5 was Spotify. This has changed and now we can use Apple Music on PS5It is obviously a great advantage, the more options we have to choose from, the better it is for the user.

How to download and use Apple Music on PS5

Once we are in the main menu, we are going to have to scroll up and select the “Media” tab. Now we are going to move to the left until we find the icon “All applications”.

Here we will have to scroll down until we find “Video and Music Applications”, where the Apple Music app should be at the top. So we are simply going to select it to be able to download it.

Once it’s downloaded, we’ll open the app and follow the onscreen instructions on how to sign in to your Apple Music account.

What we must bear in mind is that to use Apple Music on PS5, we will need to have a paid account. We cannot use Apple Music Voice And there is no ad-supported free option like Spotify.

When we log in, we will be able to view all the playlists and recommendations. It is possible to stream music on the TV through the sound bar or start playing any song; start playing a PS5 game, while listening to a song.

Managing my music on PS5

Once we have downloaded the app; Apple Music will be in the PS5 Control Center so that, in this way, we can quickly access and control the playback while we play. We will have a few controls and shortcuts and these are the most important:

If we press the PS button we can open the board and move to the Music option, which would be more or less the fifth icon. We can see different options for Apple Music and Spotify, in this case we are going to choose Apple Music.

Now we will see several albums and playlists, highlights, recently played, those that we recommend listening to, etc.

We choose a song to start playing. An Apple Music window appears with the classic options of pause, play, skip, volume, and shuffle.

We can use these controls to control the volume of the music in relation to the sounds of the console; in this way we can get the music to be heard more or less than the game’s audio.

In case these options do not enlarge you, we can go to the “Switcher” button that would be the second icon and open Apple Music, to be able to select a playlist that we have available.

After starting to play a song, we will press the PS button. An Apple Music card should be the first to appear, we press the Square button to pause the song.

Another alternative that we have available is to press the PS button twice. In this way we instantly activate the Apple Music controls to be able to pause, skip, volume or mute the song in an agile and effective way.

This is a really incredible option because we have access to almost 100 million songs that Apple Music has available. It’s even great because we can set the games to turn off the music, but not the dialogues. In this way we can enjoy the music that we really like and follow a story, not to mention if you play titles like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or some MMORPG.

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