If you really want to be good at clash royaleit is essential to follow certain basic strategies and tactics in order to win. We can even start using them and evolve to certain strategies that work well for us, depending on the opponent we are facing.

Use basic tactical strategies in Clash Royale

We are going to see a series of ideas that we can apply to attack and defend; basically helpful tips for beginners. They are simple, but very important to achieve victory in each game. Based on these ideas, you can develop your own tactics.

Offensive strategies

Choose the decks correctly.

Making sure we have a powerful deck is the most basic thing we can do. We must use a win condition card that will attack the towers like: hog, x-bow, giant, or battle ram. These are the tanks or main damage dealers. Here we recommend waiting for the ten elixirs, we just started the game. This will help us a lot. If you end up with a Hog Rider as soon as you have four elixir, it will be your downfall. Your enemy could have a skeleton army and defeat you.

Position the towers well.

If we have a bad hand, we will wait for the opponent to make the first move. Let’s pretend we have a fireball, wizard, tornado and Golem. These are either pretty bad to use at first or too risky. So we are going to wait for our opponent to make his first move and react accordingly. But it is not recommended to do this in every game. If we have cards like skeletons, ice spirits or bats, we will have to play them because they are low risk to begin with.

Attacking a single tower is one of the best basic tactics in Clash Royale.

Choose a tower and focus on it. All damage will go to one place, which wears down the tower in question. It is useful in any game; the only reason we shouldn’t do this is if the opponent takes down a Golem.

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Powerful combinations are extremely effective. We can send a tank followed by a high damage unit like a mage. The tank will take all the damage, while the mage can attack with no problem. He will be able to destroy any group of enemies that our opponent positions.

Basic defensive strategies and tactics in Clash Royale

The buildings must be positioned in front of the King’s Tower, and 3 or 4 squares from the river. This gives us the possibility to distract the troops that come from both sides and more effectively defend the towers.

Troops like Musketeer, Witch, Wizard, Ice Wizard, etc. They must be positioned behind the tower. Basically, the tower will act like a wall, like a tank, while the damage dealers are safe.

Choose well our defense and defensive support.

Even so, we must have a main defensive unit and a defensive support unit. The main can be a building, horde of minions, barbarians, or any combination that work together. Support defenders generally attack from a distance and are capable of doing quite a bit of damage.

Finally, distractions can cause us to lose the game. So let’s try to focus on what we’re doing by turning off notifications. The enemy can quickly seize a Hog Rider on the bridge and if we get distracted, we can kiss a tower goodbye.

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