Using Discord on Xbox One It comes in handy to be able to communicate with our friends while we play. One of the most fun things, especially in online multiplayer games, is being able to talk to the people we’re playing, especially if they’re our friends!

There is no doubt that when we share a game with one or more people, we end up enjoying the game much more. How about doing this from Discord? The application allows us to keep in touch with all our friends, managing to maintain a fluid conversation at all times.

In this simple guide, we will see how to use Discord on Xbox One and you will appreciate that it is something very easy and above all quick to achieve.

Using Discord on Xbox One

Create Discord account.

The first thing we will have to do is create a Discord account in case we do not have one, this is easy and free. Simply, we are going to have to choose a username and password; We also need to make sure you provide a real email as we need to verify the account. This can be done from a mobile device, the desktop application or from the website itself. Discord.

Using Discord on Xbox One.

Next, we’re going to need to link the accounts. First we go to our Xbox One and select our gamertag in the upper left corner of the screen. We’re going to choose Settings from the Start menu and System, then go to Account. From this section, we are going to choose “Linked social accounts”, we will have to enter the password of the Xbox account.

Link account from Discord with Xbox.

Once ready, we will have to choose the “Discord” section to start the linking process.

Authorization from the application by entering the PIN.

We head over to the Discord app and choose Settings, which has a gear-shaped icon. From here we are going to have to select “Connections” and then “Add”. Next, we are going to choose the Xbox logo.

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Now we will see that a PIN appears on the TV screen. This is what we will have to write in the Discord app so that the accounts are linked.

As you can see, using Discord on Xbox One is an extremely simple task that requires very few steps, especially if you already have an active Discord account.

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