Use Family Sharing on PlayStation Plus it gives us the possibility of sharing a great number of benefits with other members of our family. If an account on our console, which has a subscription to PS Plus, is configured as main.

Then the secondary accounts will be able to avail a lot of benefits without having to pay a monthly subscription. The most important: playing online digital games associated with the main one, linking PSN and Discord accounts, among other things.

How to set up Family Sharing in PlayStation Plus on PS4

Activate primary account on PS4

On our PS4 we will log in with our PSN account, we will open Settings and we will have to go to the PSN menu. Here we are going to choose Activate as your primary PS4.

Activate Family Sharing on PS4

Once we do that, we’ll select Activate again. Now that we have the PS Plus account signed in and associated with our PS4 as a primary account, any other user who signs in on the same PlayStation 4 will be able to use its benefits.

Set up Family Sharing on PS5

PlayStation Plus sharing is activated by default on the latest Sony console, although if we want to change this, we will have to follow these steps:

Users and accounts.

We start by going to Settings, then we go to Users and accounts, here we will select Other.

Activate Family Sharing on PS5

Here we are going to choose Console Sharing and Offline Play. We will have to choose the option that says Do not disable.

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What are the benefits of PlayStation Plus that we can share with other accounts?

Obviously, not all benefits can be shared with accounts that do not have a subscription.

We can share

  • Play online multiplayer.
  • Enjoy downloaded games, even the ones we buy at discounts.
  • Download and play monthly PS Plus games that are included with the subscription.

What we can’t share

  • They cannot buy PS Plus games at a discount, only the main account can.
  • Store game data in the cloud.
  • Automatically download patches.
  • Access demos of early PS Plus games.

As you can see, a secondary account of PS Plus enjoys some considerably good advantages and we could say that its “Disadvantages” are minimal. In this way we can get together with members of our family to enjoy these great advantages using a single subscription.

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