With Windows 11, Microsoft has removed several outdated apps and features, including the long-hated Internet explorer. Internet Explorer is an old and outdated browser, and Microsoft is about to retire IE entirely. However, some proprietary applications and legacy sites still require Internet Explorer functionality to function.

When you start using Windows 11, Microsoft Edge It will automatically appear as the default browser. If you search for “Internet Explorer”, you won’t find anything. The only way to enable Internet Explorer functionality in Windows 11 is to use the IE mode in Microsoft Edge.

If you want use Internet Explorer in Windows 11 using Microsoft Edge, this is what you will have to do.

How to use Internet Explorer in Windows 11

To use IE Mode, press Beginning and launch Microsoft Edge from the Start menu. In the new Microsoft Edge window, click the Settings icon (three dots) at the top right, and then tap the option Setting on the bottom.

On the menu Setting, click the option Default browser in the left column.

In the section “Internet Explorer compatibility“, seeks “Let Internet Explorer open sites in Microsoft Edge“. Then select Only incompatible sites in the drop-down menu.

In the section “Allow sites to reload in Internet Explorer mode“, Select Let in the drop-down menu. Click the button Restart to restart Edge for the changes to take effect.

When the browser is reopened, sites that were previously incompatible with Microsoft Edge are automatically reloaded in Internet Explorer Mode.

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You can also manually load a page using IE Mode in Edge. To do this, right-click on an open tab and select Reload tab in Internet Explorer mode.

You can also add “Pages in Internet Explorer mode”That will automatically open a site in Internet Explorer mode for 30 days from the date you add it.

To do this, go to Settings> Default browser in your Edge browser, Then click the button Addthen enter the URL of the site.

As an example, in this example, the site groovypost.com was added as a page in IE mode, which means that Edge will load that website using IE mode for 30 days.

You can see if a page is open in Internet Explorer mode by checking the message that appears below the address bar. You will also see the legacy Internet Explorer 11 icon in the address bar.

Using Internet Explorer mode in Windows 11

If you are looking for Internet Explorer as a standalone application (as it is in Windows 10), you will not find it. The only way to get Internet Explorer to work on Windows 11 is by using Microsoft Edge in Internet Explorer Mode by following the steps above.

It’s rare to find a site that isn’t compatible with Edge, but some legacy government and educational sites still require it. Thanks to IE mode in Edge, you can continue to use legacy websites until support for Microsoft Edge is added. It’s also worth noting that Microsoft has committed to supporting IE mode in Edge until 2029, so this functionality should last for a few years.

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Although Microsoft Edge is the default web browser, you can change it to Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser. If you find that your Windows 11 PC starts slowly, you can disable startup apps to increase boot time.

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