• VSR is automatically applied to video content that is outdated or limited in quality
  • NVIDIA uses the full power of its AI to improve damaged or defective files
  • How does this cool feature, which is exclusive to 30 and 40 series GPUs, work?

If you’ve heard of this cool feature exclusive to 30 and 40 series GPUs, you’re probably wondering how to use NVIDIA’s Super Video Resolution -VSR- step by step. to enjoy a better video experience, much smoother and more attractive than before. Let’s see how to take advantage of this unique feature.


In short, you should know that you can use the NVIDIA video super resolution by directly opening the NVIDIA control panel and going to Video, Adjust video image settings, and enabling Super resolution. You will immediately notice a world of difference when watching videos in Edge, Chrome, etc.

VSR will be automatically applied to the media in question, and the raison d’être of this feature is limited bandwidths and outdated video content that doesn’t look like it should. NVIDIA uses the full power of its AI to improve damaged or defective files.

But what is NVIDIA Super Video Resolution?

NVIDIA Video Super Resolution debuted earlier this year as a technology that can use NVIDIA’s graphics processing units, or GPUs, to enhance low-resolution video.. It does so by reproducing the content in its highest resolutions in your browser and almost without sacrificing quality.

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If you’re familiar with DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) and DLAA (Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing), also both from NVIDIA, you’ll know that they use the power of machine learning to improve image quality.

Without going into details about each one, the point here is that NVIDIA can take frames rendered by the GPU in real time and make them look good without needing the power to do so in the rendering.

VSR applies this to video content, and the most interesting thing is that it works with practically any video. It not only enhances edge details and sharpens image features, but also gets rid of compression and visual glitches caused by data packet loss or corruption.


what is NVIDIA video super resolution

What does it take to use NVIDIA Super Video Resolution?

Unfortunately, not everyone with an NVIDIA GPU can use NVIDIA VSR..

You will have to meet some minimum requirementswhich NVIDA itself shares:

  • An NVIDIA 30 or 40 series GPU
  • Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge updated to the latest version
  • The latest NVIDIA Game Ready drivers or Studio drivers

That said, it’s not clear why 20-series GPUs are being excluded, as these GPUs also support DLSS and presumably have the proper hardware for VSR. For now, first-gen RTX users are out of luck. NVIDIA may change this in the future, and if we find out about it we will let you know.

How to activate NVIDIA VSR?

Assuming you have the latest drivers for your GPU installed and your version of Edge or Chrome is up to date, Let’s see how to activate and use VSR on your PC to see the difference it promises.

  1. Open the Nvidia Control Panel from the context menu by right-clicking on the program
  2. In the control panel sidebar, under Video, select Adjust video image settings
  3. Check the Super Resolution box under RTX Video Enhancement. Choose VSR and choose the desired enhancement quality
    • Keep in mind that higher quality looks better but impacts the GPU more
  4. Open or restart your browser, and navigate to the video stream of your choice, looking for content < 4K
    • This is because NVIDIA VSR only works with videos in resolutions between 360p and 1440p.
  5. Play the video as normal and make it full screen so that the difference is noticeable
use NVIDIA video super resolution 3

By following these easy steps, you can enjoy NVIDIA Video Super Resolution on your computer..

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Now that you know how to do it, do you plan to use NVIDIA’s super-resolution video on your PC?

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