When we are going to purchase a product from an online store, it is very common that before deciding on one, we go through several to compare prices, some gifts, shipping costs, etc. For this reason, we are going to see how to visualize the record from navigation or products on Amazon. In this way, before buying something, we can see all the products we have visited and thus make a decision.

View your Amazon browsing or product history

We can view the browsing history in Amazon, we do not have to do it from the history of our web browser on Windows, Linux or Mac. All the products that we have seen, but that we have not purchased, are stored on the Amazon website .

To begin, we will have to open a browser on our computer, go to the Amazon website and then we will log in with our account, as we normally would.

Accounts and lists.

After this we will have to go to the upper right, to the menu “Accounts and lists”.

Browsing history.

A new menu is displayed with many options, but we are going to look for the one that says “Browsing history”.

View Amazon browsing history from computers.

Here we will be able to view all the products that we have seen on the Amazon website. At the bottom of each product, if we click on the “More like this” button we will be able to see more products similar to this one. In case we want to remove it from this list, we simply click on “Remove from view” to be able to remove it from the history.

We can also delete all the elements of the history by clicking on “Manage history” in the upper right corner, then we are going to “Delete all the elements of the view”.

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How to view product history from a mobile device


We open the Amazon app on our iPhone or Android device. Then we are going to have to go to the user profile icon, it is the second one in the bottom bar (from left to right).

View history.

Here we can see a “Hello” screen. We scroll down to the “Your account” section and click on “Your browsing history”.

View Amazon browsing history from mobile devices.

Next, the product browsing history screen opens. We can scroll down and click on the products to view them in detail. If we want we can eliminate them, for this we click on the “Remove from view” button and in this way we will not see them in the history anymore.

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