On many occasions it is essential to work other persons on real time in documents of Microsoft Office like Word, Excel or PowerPoint, from the web this is possible. It is very easy to collaborate in real time on different documents. It is something really interesting and that for teamwork it becomes essential.

Work with other people in Microsoft Office on the web: share your document

Obviously, in order to work with other people on any Office document, the first thing we will have to do is share it. This works the same in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Share Microsoft Office document.

For this, we will have to click on the “Share” button and add other people with whom we just want to share the document. For this we will have to add the name or email address of that person.

We can also assign permissions to allow other people to make changes or simply view the document in question. Another thing we can do is copy the link and share it in a different way, perhaps from a text message, WhatsApp or email.

Work in real time in Microsoft Office on the web

After those people accept the invitation, when we open a document, we can see the contributions of the other people in real time.

Who is editing in real time.

To serve as an example, in the screenshot that accompanies this text, we can see how the other person has selected their Excel cell. This can be seen because it is indicated by its initials. When we see an ellipsis, it is because that person is writing. In this way, any changes you make will appear immediately.

How to work with other people Office

Another thing we can do is click on the initials on the left side of the “Share” button to be able to see who is working on the document.

See all changes made

Version history.

If we can’t see the changes in the document at the moment, then we can see them later. This is something simple to do, we will simply have to go to “File” and then to “Information” once here we are going to choose “Version history”, it is something we can do in any of the three applications.

View changes to the document.

Now we will be able to view any version, they are organized by date and time, even by user.

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Communicate through comments

The premium versions of Microsoft Office offer us a chat function. But we can use the comments to communicate with our colleagues.

Leave comments in Microsoft Office.

To insert a comment, we are simply going to right click and select “New comment” or we can click the “Comments” button at the top and then click “New” in the right sidebar.

In order to add a comment, we are going to press the “Send” button. Others will be able to see the comment by positioning the cursor over the comment indicator in the document, another option is from the right sidebar.

If we want to respond to these comments, we will simply have to write in the “Reply” box. Any comment will be saved as if it were a thread of a conversation.

In this way working with other people in Office is very efficient.

From the three points that are in the upper right corner of said thread, we can display several options: Edit comment, delete thread, thread resolved; If we select the last one, it means that any doubt or problem has already been solved and the comments will appear less visible.

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