• The message “Illustrator can’t finish previewing, There isn’t enough memory” is a wake up call
  • In Illustrator, you will have to analyze several possible causes of the problem and rule them out one by one

Although Adobe programs do not usually cause problems for those who use them, There are several users who comment that Illustrator does not show them the previews, which can represent a rather serious inconvenience considering seeing the results in advance and saving time in each project. Let us find out, then, what causes this problem and how we can fix it in a few simple steps.

Basically, we are referring to that obstacle that differs from any other with a clear message: “Illustrator can’t finish previewing, There isn’t enough memory”. Whenever you come across that legend, you should keep reading, because we are going to focus specifically on potential ways out of the crossroads.

The first conclusion we must come to is that vector graphics, especially high-resolution ones that are large files, which they can consume a lot of resources and put your PC hardware in trouble.

Illustrator doesn't show previews 2

But why can’t Illustrator finish the preview?

If you are not so used to Illustrator, let us tell you that previews are key in this program. As you apply changes to your processes, you can visualize how those modifications impact in them.

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Therefore, it is almost essential to have access to the previews because, if we lose them, we run the great risk of making changes that, once they are applied, they do not give the result we were expecting.

Being able to see how the modifications impact in real time is essential, and one of the justifications that all those who use Illustrator on a day-to-day basis usually give, and who They especially appreciate this feature. over others.

Possible explanations of the problem in question

outdated software

If Illustrator doesn’t show previews, the initial suspicion will always be that the software is out of date. Any outdated version of this program will make its operation unstable.as it should.

Therefore, you have to make sure that there is no Illustrator update available, because if there is, you could be missing out. not only new features but also the fix of certain bugs or internal errors.

Visiting the Adobe portal is the best way to get new versions of Illustrator officially.

Too many open apps

As we said before, many resources are needed to enjoy project previews. If those assets are in other apps, they won’t do what Illustrator intended, and there won’t be a preview.

You must take the trouble to close apps running in the background, which could be too many, literally eating up your RAMespecially if you know that the capacity of your team is somewhat limited.

Of course, our recommendation is that you close them one by one, until it’s enough for Illustrator.

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Another good idea would be to invest in an SSD hard drive, which will give you more response..

The minimum system requirements are not met

Like all the programs we install on our PC, there are a number of minimum Illustrator requirements. Respecting them, checking that they are being met, is a way to prevent these things from happening at work.

We recommend that you have a device with 8 GB RAM and a dedicated and non-integrated graphics cardsince these are prepared to face the demanding graphic demand of Illustrator, of course.

complex works of art

Complexity is not a minor issue in these cases, and the more you know about design, the more advanced the works you do will probably be, which will test Illustrator to the limit of its abilities.

When you think that the explanation of the problem can come from this side, an exit can be to divide your works. By doing so, each file will weigh less and you will have more margin to visualize the changes in the previews.

Occasionally, saving the illustration as far as you got it, and reopening it, might help.

Damaged and/or corrupt files

Lastly, Illustrator may fail to preview if any of the files give status errors. With the passage of time, the files can be damaged or corrupted, and in some opportunities the program must be uninstalled and then reinstalled, being the most direct way to repair them..

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