• Not only is it possible to set up your iCloud mail on Android, but it’s also quite easy
  • It is a good example of how the relationship between both operating systems should be
  • What are the steps to open your iCloud Tray as a Gmail email on Android?

If you’re moving from iPhone to Android, chances are you have an iCloud email account. Many people had been using Apple mobile phones for years before deciding to take this leap. Assuming that you are in such circumstances, we have very good news for you: Not only is it possible to set up iCloud on Android, but it’s also quite easy, what are the steps you need to follow to do it?

This is so because although Android will ask you to have a Google -Gmail- account, you can also synchronize that iCloud account so that it is not abandoned. This is a good example of how the relationship between the two operating systems should be, although in more than one case we can see that things are not so easy.

How to add an iCloud email address to Android?

Many wonder how to add an iCloud email address to Android, and the answer is that since Apple enables two-factor authentication or 2FAo by default in your iCloud account, the simplest way to proceed in these cases is to first create a password for your iCloud address.

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Open your favorite web browser and go to appleid.apple.com/account/manage

  1. sign in with your Apple ID, and look for the App-Specific Passwords section
  2. Once inside this section, write a name for the password and click on Create
  3. Take note of the password you created to write it down when asked for it later
set up iCloud android 2

And how to add your iCloud email address to Android?

The procedure will vary slightly depending on the Android customization layer, but we are going to take two sources that can serve as a reference for most. We will focus on the stock version of Android 13 and One UI 5.

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the notifications and menu.
  2. Press the Configuration button, which you will know how to distinguish by the gear icon that represents it
  3. Here is a little difference between layers. On Android Stock, tap Passwords & accounts, Add account. In One UI, tap Accounts and backup, Manage accounts, Add account. It will only change that.
  4. Click on Personal -IMAP-, with the Gmail logo next to this function
  5. Enter your iCloud email address
  6. Press Next and enter the password
  7. Click Next again to finish the procedure
set up iCloud android 3

From that precise moment, your iCloud email account will appear on your mailing list. Eventually, you’ll be able to access iCloud Inbox from there when you intend to.


Once you have finished all the steps that we have just described, you will have synchronized your iCloud account directly with your Android mobile. That means you can get more out of Google’s mobile OS while still enjoying the features of iCloud, merging two universes that seem antagonistic but can be connected at times. It’s all a matter of knowing the basic tricks to achieve it.

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It is important if you are going from iPhone to Android but also if you have decided to go the other way.

And in this situation, you may also be interested in how to transfer photos from iCloud to Google Photos.

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