• ChatGPT plugins are a unique way to interact with your browser software
  • You will enjoy a more advanced web browsing, with even fewer limitations thanks to GPT 4
  • How to enable, install and use the coolest ChatGPT plugins, step by step?

The news regarding Artificial Intelligence continue to occupy us and, in this case, we want to propose a unique way of interacting with your web browsing software. Thanks to this technology, you can take that browser that you use daily and that you thought you were using to the fullest to another level. If you want to enjoy more advanced browsing on your PC, you should learn how to use ChatGPT plugins. How can you activate them?

This is a question that more and more users are asking themselves, as they find out that it is possible to enable various ChatGPT plugins to enjoy more advanced web browsing, with even fewer limitations.

Basically, to activate web browsing and plugins in ChatGPT you have to go to Settings, enter the Beta Features section and, in that section, enable the main complementary features.

Remember that you need ChatGPT Plus to do it, so start a new conversation and set it to GPT-4. Choose the Browser or Plugins mode and after enabling it, install the plugins from the store.

From that moment, ChatGPT will be able to browse the web to find interesting updated information. It is also compatible with other plugins such as Wolfram for complex calculations.

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How to enable plugins in ChatGPT?

If this isn’t entirely clear to you, it may be important to provide some context about this situation.

You can enable ChatGPT’s web browsing features and plugins from the ChatGPT settings. However, these features have been exclusively available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers since May. You should sign up for ChatGPT Plus if you haven’t already and that costs $20 per month. Basically, ChatGPT Plus provides access to the GPT 4 language model, something superior to the GPT 3.5 Turbo of the free version.

To enable web browsing and plugins, open the ChatGPT Settings window. To find it, go to the ChatGPT website and click on the three dots to the right of your name in the lower left corner. Within Settings, go to Beta Features on the left and turn on the features to enable.

You can turn on Web Browsing, Plugins, or both. More will appear in the future.

Immediately afterwards, start a new chat in ChatGPT with the “New chat” button and choose GPT 4 as the model to use. Click the dropdown arrow and select between Default, Browse, or Plugins modes.

How to install ChatGPT plugins?

With this modality already enabled, it would be necessary to enable the plugins themselves. There won’t be any yet. To enable some of the specific plugins available, click the dropdown arrow to the right of “No Plugins Enabled” and then Go to “Add-on Store”.

Chat pluginsGPT plugins store

ChatGPT will tell you how the plugins work, and what you should know is that they are not necessarily controlled by OpenAI and can send parts of your ChatGPT conversation to an external service if they want to.

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ChatGPT will decide when to use each plugin during a conversation based on which ones are installed. By clicking on Accept you confirm that you agree, and you can click on Install the add-ons. Assuming that some no longer interest you, you will also be able to uninstall them from here without problems.

ChatGPT plugins store plugins 2

At this point, you should be able to see little icons representing the plugins that are active under GPT 4. You just need to click the dropdown menu next to the icons to see which ones are enabled.

How to use specific plugins in ChatGPT?

Once plugins are enabled in the settings, you can tell ChatGPT to use one specifically for a task. For example, “Use Wolfram to calculate the current distance between Earth and Mars.” ChatGPT will teach you which plugin was the one that helped you to solve the problem so that you know its use.

ChatGPT plugins store plugins 3

That is, it does not replicate a standard web browser experience. Instead of presenting an entire web page, it displays the page’s content in a conversational tone, focusing on the information relevant to that query.

When should you use ChatGPT plugins?

Take plugins as extensions for ChatGPT. They are tools that allow ChatGPT to integrate with third-party services, expanding its spectrum of capabilities. Whether you’re looking at markets, doing math, or exploring trading offers, these plugins are the gateway to various tasks.

The introduction of web browsing features and plugins in ChatGPT Plus signifies a remarkable progression. As relevant as the development of Artificial Intelligence itself, without which all this would be impossible.

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Have you tried any of the ChatGPT plugins? What and how has your experience with them been?

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