• An error in the login of Outlook is affecting a good percentage of users of the service
  • From Redmond they have confirmed the anomaly, and beyond committing to solve it, they offer us a couple of tutorials to be able to solve it on our own, without so many delays
  • What are the two tricks that end the failure to access the mail client?

A few days ago, users of the Outlook email client began to comment on forums and networks that they had problems accessing their accounts. At first there were only a few isolated cases, but as the days passed, it became clear that there was a problem. In these hours, Microsoft has confirmed that there is an Outlook login error, and we will explain what can be done if this error affects our account.

Basically those who warned of the inconvenience, explained that when trying to access their Outlook accounts, a message appeared that said the following, without further information:

You cannot log in here with a personal account. Use your work or school account instead

Others also added that the system repeatedly asked them for the password and that, after a few frustrated attempts, they ended up finding this same message that bears no relation to reality.

How to solve Outlook login failure?

Basically, the fact is that no one could access their emails, remaining incommunicado both in work and educational settings, which can cause serious damage beyond alternative solutions, such as the option to view emails through the Outlook mobile appwhich many did.

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However, Microsoft confirmed the login problem on the main Outlook.com website for personal accounts, ruling out that it was an individual issue, which initially brought relief to most. According to them, the bug is in “how Outlook authenticates for diagnostics in some situations”.

Outlook login error 2

In that same statement they provide us with a way out, at least temporarily, until Outlook is stable again. We have to disable Support Diagnostics, which will solve the problem in just a few seconds on that particular computer, so you have to repeat the process on as many computers as you use, remember that.

By disabling that feature, we will prevent you from submitting app tickets using Help and Contact Support. All you have to do is disable Support Diagnostics, to disable the option to submit a ticket in the app using Help, and then select Contact Support for authentication error.

another way to fix it

If that doesn’t work, there’s another way to fix the problem, as long as you’re an Administrator on that computer. What you are going to do is modify the Windows Registry to disable Support Diagnostics in Outlook.

  • Click Start, type regedit.exe and select the Registry editor entry from the list of results
  • Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOffice16.0OutlookOptionsGeneral
  • Right-click General and select New > Dword Value (32-bit)
  • Assign a name to the keyword DisableSupportDiagnostics
  • Double click on the new element and set its value to 1
  • Restart your PC for the changes to take effect

Setting the value to 1 enables the policy which, in this case, disables Support Diagnostics on the computer. Usually, Outlook.com sign-in issues should be resolved after doing it.

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Were you able to get rid of Outlook login error with these tricks from Microsoft?

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