• The annoying situation where fonts are not saved in PowerPoint files is more common than you might think, and sadly, we often run into it at the wrong time.
  • Luckily, there are some tricks that we can consider in these cases, which will allow us to reverse the incompatibility between PowerPoint, or Microsoft, and the fonts in just a couple of minutes.

PowerPoint, the program for presentations and slides by the people of Microsoft within the Office suite, is an absolute reference when it comes to productivity. And although its performance is usually stable and intuitive, many users comment that their sources, not the original ones but external ones, are not saved correctly in the PowerPoint files on which they work. But what can be done then?

Indeed, if when you try to save a PowerPoint slide you find that some of the fonts are not embedded, you have to know that the problem occurs because the fonts you used are restricted fonts or cannot be embedded, and that is a big hurdle if we want to make better PowerPoint presentations.

Fortunately, for most of these hiccups we have practical solutions that can put the glitches behind you, even when, in cases like this, the issue is that PowerPoint cannot read the source.

And why are some fonts not working in PowerPoint?

Before approaching the solution, however, you should bear in mind that some fonts do not work in PowerPoint basically because Microsoft has its own font cache or memory on computers running Windows operating system, which means that if you have added others from outside, there could be an incompatibility.

Solutions to fonts not saving in PowerPoint file

Change incompatible fonts to basic fonts

The first idea may be just what you are trying to avoid, which is having to use the basic fonts. Relax, we know. But, even so, someone will want to solve it right away, and will have the ideal answer here.

All you have to do is replace those fonts that you have selected on your own, to put them aside, using instead of them the traditional ones, such as Times New Roman, Ariel, Calibri, etc.

Repair damaged slide

Copying the damaged slide and pasting it into a new PowerPoint document can also help. By copying each sheet of the presentation and pasting it, you will discover which one has the problem in question.

Then, you only have to change the font of the damaged slide, and not that of all the others.

Embed the fonts in the file

If you are determined to embed the fonts in the file in question, you just have to follow these steps:

  • In the presentation, click the File tab
  • Click on Options
  • The dialog box will appear
  • In that dialog box, click Save
  • Check the Retain fidelity when sharing this presentation check box
  • After enabling this box you will see two options, “only the characters used”, or “all characters”
  • Once you have chosen any of these options, close the dialog and save the presentation

Use third-party templates

Lastly, if none of the above avoids this problem, maybe you should start thinking about using third-party templates. Remember that you can download the best 2021 PowerPoint slide templates for your presentations, taking advantage of the fonts that talented designers have chosen for your projects.


In summary, we can say that there are many options or outputs to choose from whenever we see that the fonts are not saved in PowerPoint, and you will surely find an ideal alternative for you.

Likewise, it is likely that Microsoft will correct these issues as time passes, improving the relationship between the Office platforms with the fonts that we can download and install ourselves.

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