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The use of tables in the content allows for a clearer and more organized presentation of the data for the reader. In some respects, tables are perceived even better than paragraphs and lists. For example, a list of products with their prices, the benefits and comparative characteristics of some software, or the pricing of a specific service. Tables are best for displaying this kind of information. When a user views a particular page of the site, it is imperative to stop at the place where the table is present. Tabular layout has a more convincing format for presenting structured information.

Tables and WordPress?

WordPress doesn’t have any tools to create tables and insert into posts or pages. This is because they are not a native WordPress feature. Therefore, you have to use third-party solutions that “know how” to handle tabular data.

Plugins to create tables in WordPress

Such plugins provide a convenient and intuitive interface for creating and editing tables of any complexity. Let’s take a look at the best of the free options.


TablePress is the most popular WordPress plugin for easy work with tables. The table is created in the administrative part of your site, which can then be displayed in any part of the web resource using a shortcode.

Features of TablePress:

  • creating tables without using HTML ;
  • inserting tables using shortcodes;
  • the ability to convert formulas and other data types into tables;
  • formulas can be used to calculate data;
  • the ability to sort lines;
  • the presence of options to add JavaScript libraries for sorting, pagination and other table functions;
  • exporting data in Excel , CSV , HTML and JSON formats ;
  • using CSS rules to change the style of the table.
An example of a table created in the TablePress plugin

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Ninja tables

The Ninja Tables plugin allows you to create a table directly in a post or page using the built-in constructor. It is possible to insert not only text into your table, but also media content. Tables created with Ninja Tables load quickly and are fully responsive to display correctly on any screen size.

Plugin features:

  • 100% responsive tables;
  • fast loading of tables;
  • the ability to add media content;
  • over 100 color schemes;
  • simple color scheme changes and table styles;
  • export / import of data from Excel and CSV files , as well as from other WordPress plugins.
An example of a table created in the Ninja Tables plugin

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wpDataTables Lite

wpDataTables Lite is ideal for those who need to download and display a table with data from an external source on their website. To insert tables into the site, shortcodes are used.

Benefits of wpDataTables Lite:

  • creation of dynamic tables and diagrams using an external source of information;
  • the ability to highlight a cell / row / column to attract attention;
  • filtering, sorting, printing and exporting table parameters.
An example of a table created in the wpDataTables Lite plugin

You can get wpData Table PRO (100% virus-free) from our WPDig store without any cost below.

Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin

The Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin will allow you to easily and quickly create / publish beautiful pricing tables and comparison tables on your WordPress site.

Main features of the plugin:

  • support for any WordPress themes;
  • intuitive user interface for creating tables;
  • unlimited rows and 10 columns;
  • best practices to optimize speed and conversion;
  • customizing column highlighting;
  • the ability to flexibly customize tables (font size, borders, etc.);
  • using Drag & Drop to change the order of pricing tables;
  • the ability to add custom CSS styles.
An example of a table created in the Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin

Ultimate Tables

Ultimate Tables is a free plugin for creating flexible tables. The plugin has a built-in constructor that will allow you to create a table from predefined templates. You can use arbitrary HTML code to format the contents of each cell .

Other features:

  • easy reordering of rows / columns;
  • inserting a table using a shortcode;
  • the presence of a search box to instantly find content;
  • the ability to insert several tables at once;
  • changing the number of rows / columns, as well as their order;
  • the ability to delete table elements;
  • adding text or HTML code inside cells;
  • 3 table design options;
  • search bar;
  • information about the number of lines and elements;
  • custom pagination;
  • customizable width and height;
An example of a table created in the Ultimate Tables plugin

Table maker

The Table Maker plugin helps you create beautiful comparison tables. It has some unique features that allows the plugin to be used to create different types of amazing tables: comparison tables, TOP tables, spec tables, etc.


  • great and simple design;
  • all tables are 100% responsive;
  • highlighting the first column;
  • the ability to select the first column;
  • adding labels to rows and columns;
  • support for shortcodes;
  • the ability to add subheadings;
  • choosing the color of the title;
  • the ability to download images;
  • additional center alignment;
  • export of tables to XML , import from XML / CSV .
An example of a table created in the Table Maker plugin

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