• Searching for tutorials on the web, most of them tell us that we have to spend too much time making space on a full hard drive, and we don’t always have that generous margin.
  • Meanwhile, until you get a moment, you can always take advantage of other simple tricks, thanks to which you will be able to partially solve the problem, so that it does not get in your way

Even in the middle of 2022, there are plenty of users who are still suffering from their computers giving them those classic low disk space messages, be it when running games on Steam, downloading programs, etc. In this article, We offer you several quick solutions for a disk with little space if you have already upgraded to Windows 11. Thanks to them, you will solve the problem on your computer.

Basically, once you’ve read the following paragraphs, you’ll be able to get rid of that annoying user experience, which involves things like slow browsing, delayed file transfers, and of course all the messages constantly warning you about you have to take action on the matter.

The added problem is that when we upgrade to Windows 11, many of the residual files that knew exactly where to go in Windows 10 are left claiming their own space, taking up space for no reason.

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Common Causes of a Full Disk in Windows

incomplete downloads

When we download files or programs, and the downloads stop midway due to a network problem, many of the files necessary for their operation will still remain there, taking up space for no reason.

low disk space solutions 2

Recycle Bin

The files that we are accumulating in the Recycle Bin are taking up space, even if we think they are not. You have to go to the trouble of removing them once a week, or whenever you know you won’t be using them anymore.

Incorrect uninstall

Each of the programs that we have installed on our computer has a built-in uninstaller. You have to uninstall them using it, because if you only remove the icon, its residual files will remain.

How to free up disk space in Windows 11?

Luckily, or thanks to Microsoft, Windows 11 brings Storage Sense, a smart feature in system settings that automatically frees up space at set intervals. Therefore, you may not need the help of a third-party app, which will end up taking up a part of your storage.

How to run Storage Sense on Windows 11?

  • Launch Windows Settings, by pressing Win + I
  • Go to System, Storage
  • Once the information is loaded, Windows will show you your total, used, and free storage

The above will allow you to know what are the guilty elements that you no longer have storage space. You can eliminate them one by one, always starting with the ones you least want to keep there.

On the other hand, we advise you to customize the Storage Sense actionso that it works in the background.

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Among the possible configurations, we have some such as the frequency with which it must be executed, which is divided by day, week or month. You can also set how often it should delete files from Trash; those downloads you have made, etc.. All this will ensure a better user experience, of course.

low disk space solutions 3

And how to prevent the storage from filling up again?

Storage Sense, once activated, will do a generally satisfactory job of keeping your PC clean. But if you want more options, even more robust ones, that tell you when and what to delete, you will probably have to download and install a third party programsuch as CCleaner.


Our final recommendation is that you don’t wait for the disk space to fill up before considering cleaning it. Although the automatic functions of Windows Storage Sense and third-party applications will give you a hand, it is always better that they work when there is still space left, and for that it is best that you review these matters.

What other quick fixes for low disk space in Windows 11 do you know?

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