• For some time now, recovering deleted ZIP or RAR files has been possible and even probable.
  • You can recover them in various ways, and in this article we are going to review several of them
  • Ultimately, a recovery app could help you if these Turks don’t.

If you have just inadvertently deleted a very important compressed file, we recommend you stay calm. Fortunately, for some time now recovering deleted ZIP or RAR files is possible and even probable. You can recover them in various ways, and in this article we are going to review several of the most interesting.

You will know that both ZIP and RAR are two of the most common formats when it comes to compressed files. Therefore, since they often contain important items inside, accidentally removing them can be a problem.

How to recover deleted ZIP or RAR files in Windows?

Something you have to know before trying to recover these files is that you must act as soon as possible. After too much time, the options to recover them with these alternatives will be slim.

From the Recycle Bin

If you just deleted the files, and you don’t have the OCD of emptying the Recycle Bin all the time, you will probably still find the items there. Open the Recycle Bin and look for them inside. As long as they are there, you can get them back by clicking Restore. That will return it to its previous location.

recover ZIP RAR files Trash

From File History

File History is a Windows feature that allows you to perform automatic backups. Thus, you can protect files and restore them when necessary. It works by copying and storing files directly to an external storage device such as SSDs, flash drives, or external hard drives.

However, you will first have to configure the File History so that it can effectively give you a hand. For that, you have to have the external storage device connected. Otherwise, you will not be able to continue.

  1. In the Windows search, type and enter Restore personal files
  2. A new window will open showing all recoverable files
  3. Find the files to save, mark them and press the Restore button

Restoring the system

Restoring the operating system is an easy procedure if you do it with our Windows 11 restore guide. We are talking about one of the most attractive functions that Windows has to prevent data and file loss.

By restoring the system, the system returns to a specific point in the past when the compressed files had not yet been deleted. That gives you the chance to get them back. But you will have to have restore points available to return to them. This is why it is essential to perform restore points once a week/month.

This is essential because Windows never creates restore points by default.

How to create a restore point manually?

  1. In the Windows search, type and enter Create a restore point and create it
  2. When you have an incident, click on the System Restore tab and then on Next
  3. Your PC will be in charge of restoring the system to the restore point that you have indicated
recover ZIP RAR files Restore


The above were some of the best ways to recover accidentally deleted ZIP or RAR files. Of course, there is always the way out of running recovery software like Power Data Recovery. Eventually, such a program might help you if the other tricks don’t.

Other frequently asked questions

How can I recover a damaged RAR file?

WinRAR offers an integrated repair tool to repair any corrupt compressed files. You just have to click on the Tools menu and select Repair File from the drop-down menu. Once the archive is selected, WinRAR will try to repair the damage in it. It works sometimes, but not always.

Why are my RAR files always damaged?

If the files downloaded from a specific source are always corrupted, you should connect with the administrator in charge of the server. They may be corrupted at the source, and that would explain why they are corrupted on your PC. You should try other sources toowhich will allow you to discover if the problem is that.

Have you been able to recover your deleted ZIP or RAR files with any of these tricks?

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