• The LS-0015 code is a common issue that we may have to deal with at Epic Games
  • The explanation behind its appearance is not always the same, and several solutions must be evaluated
  • What are the procedures that normally allow games to run again?

Although in the world of gamers there are not so many complaints regarding the operation of Epic Games, that does not mean that it may not eventually have some problems that affect the experience of those who want to have some fun. Considering this, and given that many players are complaining about this particular bug, we review how to resolve the Epic Games error code LS-0015 to be able to entertain you again.

Apparently, the inconvenience is quite common when we want to launch specific games of the most popular. We talk about titles like Fortnite or Fall Guysamong others that usually lead the preference of the fans.

The biggest obstacle we have is that There are at least a dozen reasons behind Epic Games’ inability to release these titles, so we have to rule them out one by one., until finally hitting the key, solving the problem. Ideally, you should try it following our timeline.

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This is the message that accompanies the error code LS-0015 from Epic Games:

Launch Failed
Unable to contact the waiting room server.
Error Code: LS-0015

Error LS-0015 Epic Games 1.5

How to fix Epic Games crash or error LS-0015?

If the Epic Games error code we are describing appears in front of you, and you are unable to communicate with the lobby server, you have to try your luck with these solutions in the order we quote them.

Check your internet connection

It is not even necessary to clarify that you will need a stable WiFi network and decent bandwidth to play. When you do not meet this requirement, you will be unable to enjoy Epic Games and its titles.

If your Internet connection speed is unusually slow, try the following:

  • turn off your router
  • Unplug the cables and wait a second
  • Plug the cables back in and turn on the router, waiting for it to reboot

If you are having problems not only with Epic Games but with other services, please contact your Internet provider.

Check the status of the Epic Games server

On certain occasions, the Epic Games servers could be down, forcing you to find out their status. Fortunately, its developers allow us to check on this link what is the Server Status of your main games, to find out if any of the key servers are down or under maintenance.

Temporarily disable your firewall or make an exception from Epic Games

By default, any non-Microsoft program that connects to the server has a high probability of being blacklisted by antivirus or even by Microsoft Defender, to protect your computer. This hurdle is very common in game launchers like Epic Games, Steam and GoG as we read.

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What you should do then is create an exception in your antivirus or firewall for Epic Games:

  • Look for Windows Security in the Start menu
  • Go to Firewall and network protection
  • Tap Allow a game through firewall
  • Click the Change settings button and add the Epic Games service
Error LS-0015 Epic Games 2

Normally, this should prevent your defense systems from preventing you from accessing Epic Games in the future.

Unblock your network ports

Epic Games use network ports to communicate as data is sent through them.. In case the port is blocked, the communication link will not occur and the code LS-0015 will appear.

  • Open Command Prompt as Administrator, type “ipconfig” and press Enter
  • You will see Default gateway and IPv4, and you must remember this information
  • Paste the gateway into a browser and press Enter
  • Enter your username and password
  • Locate Port Forwarding and make sure it is Enabled and Port Triggering Disabled
  • Place the ports and port ranges that we are going to indicate in the corresponding Gateway and IP

80 (TCP/UDP), 433 (TCP), 443 (TCP), 3478 (TCP/UDP), 3479 (TCP/UDP), 5060 (TCP/UDP), 5062 (TCP/UDP), 5222 (TCP), 6250 (TCP/UDP), and 12000-65000 (TCP/UDP)

If you cannot with this part of the procedure, contact your Internet provider.

Clear Epic Games local app data

If the Epic Games app data is corrupted you will also see the same error code we quoted.

  • Press Win + R, type “%localappdata%” and press the Enter button
  • Go to Epic Games Launcher and delete the Webcache folder
  • Reopen the Epic Games Launcher and sign in
Error LS-0015 Epic Games 3

Run the same game you were playing, to see if the error is gone at once.

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What about error code LS-0009 in Epic Games?

Finally, Some readers have asked us about another very similar error code, the LS-0009. We are talking about a bug that, in this case, is associated with technical problems or the lack of game files. Surely we will be doing an article with all the details about it these days.

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