• Despite the popularity of GIFs, Twitter does not allow us to download them from its website
  • We have to resort to third-party solutions; They are the ones that make it easier for us to download these contents.
  • What are the ways to download GIFs from Twitter and what steps should you follow?

If you use Twitter, you’ve probably seen that many of the wittiest tweets posted by users contain the classic GIFs, these kinds of animated photos or videos made with short frames. Knowing how to download a GIF from Twitter will allow you to download those files and share them directly on some other social networks, however you prefer, so it is one of the tricks that you should master.


The funny thing is that, despite the popularity of GIFs, Twitter does not allow us to download them from there. Basically, we have to resort to third-party solutions that make it easier for us to download this content.

Although this dependence on other software may seem somewhat daunting at first, the truth is that you will notice that the options that we are going to mention are quite intuitive, so even as a novice you will not have any problems. However, Let’s base ourselves for now on how to download a Twitter GIF on Mac/Windows PCs.

How to save a Twitter GIF on your PC?

With the RedKetchup website

RedKetchup is a website that allows you to save Twitter GIFs to your desktop or other folders. You can also download videos or images and, as far as GIFs are concerned, you can choose the MP4 format.

You can also download several items simultaneously, and their management is really very simple. You will receive a ZIP file inside which all the files are included, so that you can do what you want later.

  • In your favorite browser, on MacOS or Windows, log in to your Twitter account
download gif twitter 2
  • Find the tweet with the GIF you want to download and copy the address of that tweet
download gif twitter 3
  • Open the RedKetchup.io portal from this link and paste the address of that tweet
download gif twitter 4
  • The system will process the file and you will see a preview to check it
download gif twitter 5
  • If it is the file you are interested in, click the Download button

It is a free website but it contains some ads, so it could be annoying for some users. In return, it will show you the number of frames of the GIF, what is its size and duration and more.

Once the download has started, it will take time depending on the power of your equipment and the bandwidth capacity of your network.

With the Twitter Media Assist extension

If you know that you are going to have to download many GIFs from Twitter in a short time, constantly entering a portal can be a bit annoying, and the chrome extension is a somewhat more attractive solution.


There are some developed for this purpose, but one of the most complete is Twitter Media Assist. It greatly simplifies downloading this type of content on several of the most popular social networks.

It should be noted that this extension has not been updated for quite some time, and yet it works as it should. We can say that it is one of the extensions with the best reviews among those designed to fulfill this task.

Open Chrome, and in the extensions section, install Twitter Media Assist from this link. Immediately open Twitter and search for the tweet with the GIF you want to download by pressing the new Download button. You will notice that it is next to the Share icon that Chrome has at the top right.

twitter extensions

Every time you’re in a tweet with GIFs, videos, or images and you press that button, the content will be downloaded. This means that it responds without problems regardless of what you are trying to download.

Keep in mind, however, that Twitter Media Assist downloads GIFs in GIF or MP4 format by default. You can and should change the settings from the extension icon, by pressing the three dots and Options. You will be able to adjust it more to your needs, and you will not have to convert from one format to another later. You just have to select the output format from “I want to save the Twitter GIF as…”

From then on, the GIFs you download from Twitter will be downloaded in that format.

Have you been able to download GIFs from Twitter with this useful and essential step-by-step that we just showed you?

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