A few weeks ago, we taught you how to change the location of game downloads on Steam, a tutorial that many had asked of us, based on their different motivations to modify that location of their games. As well, the problem is that it seems that the error of not writing in some new folder of the Steam library is very common, so in these lines we are going to review possible solutions for this common failure.

Luckily, this problem has been repeated over time, so we have some likely outlets to consider, of which we are going to list the five most effective according to forums and social networks.

Say goodbye to Steam library folder not writing error

Check the SteamApp folder permissions

Sometimes, all the setback is due to the fact that the SteamApp folder has read-only permission, so you will have to review those permissions, and make the corresponding modifications:

  • Open File Explorer and find the SteamApp folder
  • Once in it, right-click on Steamapp and go to Properties
  • You will see a General tab with several attributes, and you must uncheck the Read-only box
  • Next, apply all the changes and click OK to the new configuration

Sometimes you may need to delete the downloaded game and download it again for these changes to take effect and finally you can write to the new Steam library folder.

Repair the library folder using Steam

Many users don’t know, but the Steam app brings a built-in library repair system, which we recommend using in these cases, as you can repair various issues on your own.

  • Start Steam as you normally do
  • Go to Options from the top menu
  • In Settings, go to Downloads
  • There, to Steam Library Folder

You will have before you the complete library, and you have to right-click on the one that is displaying the error, and select the Repair Library Folder function. It won’t take you more than a couple of minutes.

not writing Steam folder 2

Clear the download cache

Steam’s download cache makes connections faster, since certain elements are downloaded to the system, and they do not require networks every time we connect.

On the other hand, the bad part is that if those elements get damaged, we can find several problems to go through the launch and download of the game, so cleaning the cache can be a good strategy.

  • Start Steam as you normally do
  • Go to Settings and Downloads
  • There, go to Clear Download Cache
  • After a few seconds, the cache should be completely clean

Change the Steam library folder

As paradoxical as it may sound, we know of some cases where the Steam library folder not writing error it does not jump over a new folder, but over the original.

What does this mean? That maybe you can get rid of this obstacle just by creating a new folder, like so:

  • Go to Steam Settings
  • Go to Download and check the libraries
  • Click Add Library Folder
  • Select a new or existing folder
  • When done, close Settings

The only important thing in these cases is to make sure that the folder selected from that moment for Steam downloads has enough free storage space to host all those titles.

Reinstall the game

If the error occurs while trying to play a particular game, or while the game is updating, it may be that the explanation is there. What we recommend then is that uninstall and reinstall it.

  • Start Steam as usual
  • Uninstall the problem game
  • Confirm the wish to delete it
  • Launch Steam again
  • Download and install the game

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