• Users comment that they cannot access the store unless they perform the proper reset
  • Some say that even in this way they do not get their Marketplace to respond well
  • What are the steps to follow to recover its correct functioning? In what order?

Roblox is one of the main game developers in recent years, and although in general its store does not usually give us problems, we will show you what is the best solution to Roblox Marketplace not working. Apparently this is a drawback that those in charge of the study should pay attention to in the short term. Many users comment that they cannot access the store unless they perform the proper reset. Meanwhile, others say that even in this way they do not get their Marketplace to respond well.

This failure or error should not be confused with others, and that is very easy thanks to the fact that it is accompanied by this message: «If you are having trouble loading Marketplace, force restart the app and the issue should be resolved«.

As we said, there are some situations in which that does not solve it either and you have to go a little further. Fortunately, it seems that everything is the result of certain temporary failures that have diagnosis and exit.

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Fix Roblox Marketplace not working step by step

Force restart the app

As we have already indicated, the first thing you have to do is restart the application, just in case. Sometimes some damaged or corrupted files could prevent it from running properly, and this should fix it.

To force restart, you must not only close the application but also make sure to stop all your processes. Do you remember how to do it? If this is not the case, you must resort to the Task Manager to end them.

Check server status

Never forget, in this type of case, to check the status of the Roblox server for your specific country. There are many tricks with which you can check its status. The most direct is to do it from this link.

Marketplace Roblox not working 3.1

Disable mods

If you have some mods enabled to improve your gaming experience, you should disable them as soon as possible. There are certain toolbox mods that conflict with the market and cause issues. By turning them off and then manually re-enabling them you can find out which ones are causing the problems.

clear roblox cache

Another reason why Roblox Marketplace won’t load is corruption of data stored on your system. These are used for a more efficient loading of websites, but they can end up attacking those pages that you open if they are damaged or corrupt. Before clearing the cache, end the task from the Administrator.

  • Press Win + R to open Run
  • Type %localappdata% and press OK
  • Click on AppData from the address bar
  • Open the Roblox folder and then the Logs folder
  • Delete all content

The next time you run Roblox Marketplace it will load completely, and the problem should be fixed.

Reinstall the app

If none of the above gave the expected results, the last resort will be to completely reinstall Roblox. Especially if you suspect that the application is damaged or corrupted in its entirety.

  1. Go to Apps, Installed apps or Apps & features
  2. Search for Roblox and access the Uninstall menu in Windows 10 or 11
  3. Press the Uninstall button to confirm the action

On the other hand, if you are using an iPhone or Android, long press the app icon to Uninstall it.

Once the uninstall is complete, you have to reinstall the roblox store as usual. Obviously, it will depend on which is the application store of your operating system: iOS, Android or Windows.

Other frequently asked questions

Why is my Roblox not loading?

Roblox will not load if you are using a browser that is not supported. In that case, switch to another browser. You should be able to run your store in Edge, Firefox, or Chrome without any major issues. If that is not enough, try also deleting the cache as we have taught you. At that point, yes, you should be able to execute it.

How to fix “An error has occurred in Roblox” error?

Do not completely rule out errors with the Internet network, because it is not strange that we have to deal with them. Power cycle your router again, or check with your phone provider for specific questions.

Were you able to fix Roblox Marketplace not working issue with this step by step?

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