• Some users are reporting the message that Battle.net encountered an error
  • The message The application encountered an unexpected error when running Battle.net is very common
  • What are the steps to follow so that this error stops occurring and you can play your games?

The failure message The application encountered an unexpected error when trying to launch Battle.net is very common. Unfortunately, hundreds of Blizzard customers experience it each year. However, the good news is that there is a solution. So in this article we teach you what to do if Battle.net doesn’t work, the steps to follow in case the service developed by Blizzard is giving you some problems and you don’t know how to get out of there.

Some users are reporting running into the message that Battle.net encountered an error. Obviously it appears written in English but that is the least of it. The fact is that it does not allow them to play.

But what does Unexpected Application Error mean?

Basically the issue is an unexpected application error on Blizzard when running an application.

It could be related to damaged or corrupted files, or to your PC that does not meet the minimum essential requirements for the execution of that software. The important thing is that you will rule out the causes, doing it one by one, until you discover which one is to blame for the problem and how you can recover it.

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Potential solutions if Battle.net is not working on Windows

Make sure your PC meets the system requirements for the game

If the error specifically pops up when you activate a game, it is likely due to the minimum requirements. You have to check them game by game, as there are some whose requirements are somewhat above average. For example, the recently released Diablo 4 has its bare minimum requirements quite advanced.

Update Windows and graphics drivers

An outdated version of both Windows and graphics drivers may explain this situation. Assuming you meet the system requirements, the next step is to check the software versions.

Both basic updates and optional driver updates are important.

  1. Press Win + I to launch Settings and move to Windows Update
  2. Click on Advanced Options, Optional Updates
  3. Check for pending graphics updates
  4. If there are, click Download and install and follow the instructions on the screen
  5. Once they have been downloaded and installed, you will need to reboot your system for the changes to take effect.
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Close background processes

Closing background processes is a way to speed up a slow computer but also to resolve this bug. Background processes consume system resources, and from the Task Manager you can close those that you know you don’t need for now. The ones you don’t know, you better not touch them.

Scan and repair game files

We were talking before about damaged or corrupt files. They may be another explanation for this problem.

Likewise, you can scan and repair them to verify their integrity. This is the procedure to do it:

  1. Open the Battle.net app and click on the Games tab
  2. Select the game with which you are facing this error and hit the gear
  3. Indicate the Scan and Repair option in the opened menu, and then press the Start Scan button
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Immediately afterwards, Battle.net will analyze the status of the various files that make up the game and will compare them directly with the one hosted on its servers. If it detects any anomaly, it will take care of fixing it.

After the process is complete, you can reopen the game and check if the error has been fixed.

Clean and reinstall Battle.net

If none of the above has worked, the last hope is a 100% clean reinstall of Battle.net. It could be that some installation module is damaged or some corrupt application causes this problem. So what you should do is uninstall the damaged copy of Battle.net, remove the files and reinstall it.

If Battle.net is still not working, the steps to follow are these. Follow them carefully so as not to be mistaken:

  1. Press Win + I to launch Settings and move to Installed Apps
  2. Select Battle.net and press the three-dot menu button and then Uninstall
  3. After that the uninstallation will be completed by following the instructions on the screen

With the Battle.net client uninstalled, you’ll be halfway through the procedure, but some details are missing. These:

  1. Press Win + E to launch File Explorer and go to the location C:\ProgramData
  2. Locate the Battle.net and Blizzard Entertainment folders and delete them quickly
  3. Invoke the Run box with Win + R and write %appdata% inside it
  4. Finally, delete all folders related to Battle.net

The only thing left is to restart your computer and download the latest version of Battle.net from its website. When you reinstall it, the official Blizzard client or app should work as expected.

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Have you also come across Battle.net not working? How could you solve it?

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