• Streaming on Facebook and YouTube simultaneously is not only possible, it’s not complicated at all!
  • With software like OBS Studio and other similar ones you can do it even if you are not an expert
  • What other specialized apps are there and what are the steps to follow to broadcast there?

More and more users are taking advantage of the different platforms to make their points of view known, sharing their opinions and opinions with the public. If you are one of the content creators who wonders if it is possible to stream on Facebook and YouTube simultaneously, we answer “yes”. Obviously, it is not enough and you will want to know what are the steps to do it at the same time.

The key is that we are talking about two of the most popular social media platforms in the world. We can reach more than 2,000 million monthly active users… that in each one of them.

In recent years, and with the permission of services especially dedicated to broadcasting such as Twitch, we can say that these two platforms have stood out above the rest in terms of tools and monetization.

From that interest of any content creator for get as many hits as possibleprobably many will want what are the details that make broadcasting live on both possible.

What to consider when streaming on Facebook and YouTube simultaneously?

If you plan to broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube, the first thing to do is to have a registered account. We believe that you probably already have them, because most of them will have broadcast on some of the platforms.

But, assuming that this is not the case, we are going to remember what the specific steps are in each of the websites.

How to broadcast on Facebook?

  1. Log in with your Facebook account from the chosen device
  2. Go to the profile, group or Page you want to broadcast from
  3. Press the Live button, which is located below the post editor
  4. Add a description or select Start Live Video
  5. Click Finish to finish

How to stream on YouTube?

  1. Open YouTube on the chosen device
  2. Click on Create and select Go Live

As you can see, going live on YouTube is even a bit easier than going live on Facebook.

How to go live on Facebook and YouTube with OBS Studio?

Now, as simple as the above has turned out to be, to merge both platforms you need to help you with a software that offers multi-streaming capabilities. There are many programs and applications that do this. You should choose one according to your personal preferences, although obs studio is the favorite of the majority.

OBS Studio is free open source software that offers a plugin to stream videos on multiple platforms simultaneously. Using it is not difficult but quite simple and it has other very interesting features such as capturing the screen. However, we are going to focus on what live broadcasts are.

Stream Facebook YouTube Simultaneous 2
  1. Once you have created an account on their website, download the plugin Multiple RTMP Outputs
  2. Launch OBS and in the top left bar select View, Docks and Multi Output
  3. In the control at the bottom right, select Settings
  4. Go to Stream on the left side, and enter your Facebook stream key
  5. On Facebook, click Live, then Use Stream Key
  6. Copy and paste the stream key into OBS
  7. To add YouTube, return to the main OBS page and select Add New Goal
  8. In the Stream Settings tab, name the folder and sign in to YouTube
  9. Click on Go live and go to the streaming page
  10. Copy and paste the Stream URL in OBS next to RTMP Server and do the same for your Stream Key
  11. Select Start Broadcasting in the lower right control panel to turn on Facebook Broadcasting
  12. Click Start next to YouTube in the Settings panel to stream simultaneously on both
Stream Facebook YouTube Simultaneous 3

And how to do it with Restream Studio?

Restream Studio is another reliable software that enables simultaneous live streaming on Facebook and YouTube. It comes with many features to enhance your multi-streaming experience, including HD live streams, share screen, add custom graphics and much moreso you should check it out too.

On Mac, this may be a more satisfactory solution than OBS Studio due to its limitations.

  1. From your desktop, go to the Restream portal and create an account
  2. After logging in, select the Add Channel button
  3. Connect your Facebook Live and YouTube Live accounts to Restream
  4. In the menu on the left side, go to Live Studio
  5. In Settings, make sure your microphone and camera are set up correctly
  6. Select Go Live and start streaming on Facebook and YouTube


Live streaming has become an essential part of the job of streamers and content creators. The pandemic played a major role in the meteoric rise of viewers and creators who stream but, even when we can leave the house without restrictions, we continue to resort to them.

With live streaming becoming more and more popular, it’s important to know how to stream on multiple platforms. With Facebook and YouTube being the most global out there, streaming simultaneously is key to success.

Do you usually broadcast live? Have you been able to stream on Facebook and YouTube simultaneously?

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