• Those days when taking full screen shots in Chrome for Android seemed like an impossible mission are gone forever. Now you can take scrolling screenshots
  • Since the Google Chrome 94 update for your browser and mobile operating system, screenshots have become more versatile, and you don’t need Android 12 to take advantage of them.

Screenshots or screenshots are one of the most attractive functions that we can use on the phone. Sure, like other tools, as time goes by they get better, and that’s exactly what just happened in Chrome for Android. Therefore, if you want to show someone everything you see on your mobile, you will take advantage of the new feature for full screen captures of the Google browser.

This is a feature that has just appeared from the hand of Android 12, and together with the update to the Chrome 94 version of the Google browser for the Google operating system. Everything is in the family.

But what is really interesting is that you do not need to have your smartphone updated to Android 12, something that does not happen yet with most terminals, except the Pixel, but you can use this new solution in a simple way, following some simple steps that we are going to show you below.

And what do we call full screenshots? Basically, those screenshots in which you can scroll down, extending more than the original screen where the capture starts. This is obviously very useful, and will save you a great deal of time.

screenshots Chrome Android 2

Take scrolling screenshots in Chrome for Android

Of course, the first thing you will have to check in these cases is that you have Chrome 94 version installed. You can do it directly from the Google Play Store, or by clicking on this link.

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If the app does not give you the possibility to install, that means that you already have the latest version installed, and it is enough.

Scrolling screenshots in Chrome for Android step by step

  • Open Chrome on your Android as you normally do
  • Open the address chrome: // flags in the browser
  • You can search for flags, but the one that interests you is # chrome-share-long-screenshot, or Chrome Share Long Screenshots
  • You have to change its value to Enabled, or Enabled, and close and reopen the Chrome application
  • To take a scrolling shot, you have to open the Share menu
  • You will see the Screenshot options and Scrolling screenshot
  • You will notice that Chrome is capturing the screen even when you scroll up or down
  • You can even resize the capture to leave out those elements that you do not want to appear
  • When you are done, you just have to click OK, and decide what you are going to do with your capture.
  • You can share it via other applications, or leave it stored in the Gallery of your team
  • In the latter case, you will not see it in the Screenshots, but as a Download

In this way, it only remains to get used to no longer taking the screenshot with the classic combination of Power + Low Volume buttons, but instead replacing it, at least in these cases, with the Share menu.

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