Microsoft Teams You should be able to open all Office programs like Word, PowerPoint and Excel from the same application, the problem is when can’t open these records from the app from desk in Windows 11 What can we do to fix it? We have several options available.

Teams won’t open files in the desktop app on Windows 11

Check URL settings

When we open files in the desktop app, Teams uses the URL protocol to open the compatible Office app. So to verify the URL protocol, we are going to have to follow these steps.

Application settings.

The first thing will be to write Microsoft Team in the Windows search bar, when we press “Start”.

Next, we will have to click on “Application Settings”. Additionally, we can right click on the Teams app and select “Application Settings”.

Default application.

In this new page, we will have to scroll down to Default applications and click on “Set default applications”.

Microsoft Teams won't let me open app files

We will click on any of the Microsoft Office applications in the “Set default values ​​for applications” section.

Set the default app so the Teams app can open files.

In the next window, we will select one of the default apps for a protocol, for example: URL: Excel Protocol. A dialog box will appear to confirm, we will have to accept it.

Run Disk Cleanup

On many occasions this problem is related precisely to problems related to space. So we’re going to have to run disk cleanup. For this we are going to press “Start” and write “This team” or “My team”. We open this new window where we will be able to see all the hard drives of our computer. We right click on “C” or where we have Windows installed and select “Properties”.

Free disk space.

In this new window we are going to make sure that we are in the “General” tab and then we will click on the “Free up space” button. We will select all the types of files that we want to delete and we will click on “Clean system files”; once it is finished we will click on “Accept”.

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Check for Microsoft Teams updates

Obviously, if we are missing a Microsoft Teams update, anything can go wrong. So let’s start by opening the Teams app.

Teams settings.

Once open, we will go to the three ellipsis that are on the left side of the profile photo, just in the upper right corner of the screen.

Teams can't open app files

Once this new page opens, we will have to go to the left sidebar at the bottom and click on “About Teams”. If we need an update, they will appear on this screen.

Microsoft Teams updates.

In case we don’t have to update the app, it will tell us something like “There are no pending updates.”

Repair or reset Microsoft Teams

Another option that we have available is to repair or restore the Teams app in Windows, for this we are going to follow these steps. We will click on Start and then we will write “Microsoft Teams”, then we will click on “Application Settings” on the right side.

Restore Microsoft Teams.

We scroll down to the “Reset” section and click on the “Repair” button. Do not worry that the application data will not be affected.

Below the repair button, we will find the “Reset” button; with this button we can reset Teams. Although in this case if you delete all the data and leave it as if we just installed it.

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