• Beyond functions and formulas, in Excel it is essential to take advantage of the various keyboard shortcuts
  • Although they are numerous, almost infinite, many of the most attractive involve the Ctrl key.
  • What tricks can we recommend with the Ctrl key that are essential for anyone?

If you constantly work with Excel, one of the basic programs of the Office office suite and the most complex, you probably know some other way to save time on spreadsheets so that everything is simpler. But do you know the best keyboard shortcuts with Ctrl in Excel? Can you imagine how many there are in total?

Precisely, the idea of ​​this article is to be able to review many of the most interesting Excel shortcuts, those that you should memorize if you want your tasks to be easier on a daily basisalways thinking about which ones are most useful to you, and as a complement to the functions and formulas of this application.

Essential shortcuts with Ctrl in Excel

So let’s start with the most obvious.to call them in some way, and they are the following:

  • Ctrl + Z : undo the last action
  • Ctrl + Y : redo the last action
  • Ctrl + C : copy the contents of the cell
  • Ctrl + X : cut the content of the cell
  • Ctrl + V : paste the cell content

There are some that are a bit more advancedbut still worth remembering:

  • Ctrl + Delete: deletes the text until the end of the line
  • Ctrl + Shift + :: insert the current time
  • Ctrl + Page Down: Switch to the left sheet
  • Ctrl + Page Up: switch to the right sheet
  • Ctrl + W: close the Excel spreadsheet
  • Ctrl + O: open a new Excel workbook
  • Ctrl + S: save the Excel spreadsheet
  • Ctrl + space bar: select all the data in the column
  • Ctrl + Shift + *: select the entire area around the active cells
  • Ctrl + A key: select the entire Excel spreadsheet
  • Ctrl + Shift + Page Up – Select the current and previous sheet in the same Excel file
  • Ctrl + Shift + Home : select the first of the worksheet
  • Ctrl + Shift + End – selects up to the last used cell in the worksheet
  • Ctrl + Shift + left or right arrow: select or deselect one word to the left or right
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Other Excel shortcuts to consider

  • Ctrl + Home: move to the first cell of a worksheet
  • Ctrl + End: move to the last cell that contains content in a worksheet
  • Ctrl + F: Show the Find and Replace dialog
  • Ctrl + H key: displays the Find and Replace dialog box
  • Ctrl + G: show the ‘Go To’ dialog
  • Ctrl + left or right arrow: within a cell, move to the left or right cell of that cell
  • Ctrl + D: copy the content of the cell above
  • Ctrl + R: copy the content of the cell to the left
  • Ctrl + «: copy the content of the cell above and in the editing state
  • Ctrl + ‘: copy the content of the cell above and in editing state
  • Ctrl + –: show cell/row/column delete menu
  • Ctrl + Shift + +: show the cell/row/column insert menu
  • Shift + F2: Insert/Edit a comment cell
  • Ctrl + K: insert a link
  • Ctrl + 9 – Hide selected row in Excel
  • Ctrl + Shift + 9: show the hidden row in the selection that contains that row
  • Ctrl + 0 – Hide selected column in Excel
  • Ctrl + Shift + 0: show the hidden column in the selection
  • Ctrl + 1: Show the Format dialog
  • Ctrl + B: apply or cancel bold formatting
  • Ctrl + I: apply or cancel italic formatting
  • Ctrl + U: apply or cancel an underscore
  • Ctrl + 5: apply or cancel strikethrough formatting
  • Ctrl + Shift + $: apply currency formatting with two decimal places
  • Ctrl + Shift + ~: apply the general style number format

And more Excel shortcuts!

  • Ctrl + Shift + #: apply the date format as: day, month and year
  • Ctrl + Shift + @: apply time format with hours, minutes and specify AM or PM
  • Ctrl + Shift + ^: apply the scientific number format with two decimal places
  • Ctrl + A key: show the input method after entering the formula name
  • Ctrl + Shift + A – insert arguments into the formula after entering the formula name
  • Ctrl + Shift + Enter key – Enter the formula as an array formula
  • Ctrl + Shift + U: toggle to expand or collapse the formula bar
  • Ctrl + ‘: change the display of the formula in the cell instead of the value
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Undoubtedly, Excel keyboard shortcuts that are executed by embedding the Ctrl key will make your life easier. You have to familiarize yourself with them to not depend so much on the mouse and be a true specialist with this app.

Of course, becoming an expert in one of the most popular programs out there will take some time, but you should be investing it in memorizing these shortcuts and not in repeating long and tedious procedures.

And finally, remember that if you ever can’t edit your Excel documents, it’s probably because you have Protected View turned on, a specific feature to protect the contents of files.

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