We are trying to use our computer and we find that the local area connection does not have a Valid IP configuration What can we do? This error message appears when the IP address provided to the network adapter is invalid. We can solve it by applying one of the following methods.

Fix Local Area Connection does not have a valid IP configuration

change internet source

An immediate solution to this problem if we are in a hurry is to change the internet source. As this problem mainly occurs due to the current internet source, we can bypass it by changing the mobile hotspot or using another Wi-Fi network.

However, we may not be able to do this or it may not work, in which case we will continue with other possible solutions.

Install the adapter driver

If we use an external adapter, the first thing we need to do is install the driver for better compatibility. In many cases, installing the driver is not required. However, you can considerably improve the performance of this.

In case we already have it installed, we will have to try uninstalling it and reinstalling it. Even check for updates.

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Flush DNS cache to fix local area connection does not have a valid IP configuration

Empty cache.

On many occasions, the DNS cache can cause this and other problems on our computer. So we are going to proceed to empty the cache, which is something simple and quick to do from the Terminal or Windows command prompt.

  • We press the Windows key on our keyboard, we write cmd and we are going to choose the Run as administrator option.
  • The UAC notice will appear, we will have to click Yes.
  • In the command prompt window, we are going to type ipconfig /flushdns

In this way we will be able to empty the DNS cache in a matter of a few seconds.

Run the Internet Connection Troubleshooter

Run the Internet Connection Troubleshooter

Windows 11 has an Internet Connection Troubleshooter that helps us to solve different problems related to the network connection. Best of all, it usually fixes problems easily and quickly.

  • Press Windows + i to access Windows settings.
  • Next, we will have to go to System> Troubleshooter> Other troubleshooters.
  • We will have to look for the internet connection troubleshooter.
  • Once we find it, we will click on Run.

We will follow the instructions on the screen and wait for the process to finish.

Network Adapter Troubleshooter

Network Adapter Troubleshooter

The other option is to use the network adapter troubleshooter, it is used in a similar way as above.

  • We open the Windows settings by pressing the Windows key + i.
  • We go to System> Troubleshooter> Other troubleshooters.
  • We click Run in Network Adapter Troubleshooter.
  • We will follow the steps specified on the screen.
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Scan for viruses affecting local area connection does not have a valid IP configuration

It is always recommended to have one of the best antivirus installed in our operating system to avoid, as far as possible, having malware in our system. We recommend starting a deep system scan to rule out that the problem is not malware.

Reset network settings

Reset network settings is the best to fix local area connection does not have valid IP configuration issue

In case the solutions mentioned above will not work, the last alternative that we have left is to reset the network settings of our computer. We can do this from Windows Settings> Network and Internet> Reset.

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